So this is another review from the team at ZampleBox and this grouping is Frozen Fruit.

This review features another four 30ml bottles at 3mg nicotine. As always I will try these juices on my Basium Squonker at 50 watts and the Recurve RDA with full airflow (12 holes but still a restricted direct lung). Each flavour will be vaped for a minimum of 24 hours and I will be checking my coil afterwards and replacing my wick before trying a new flavour. The contenders for this review are:

  • Yeti by Psycho E-Liquids
  • Frozen Strawberry Watermelon Refresher by Barista Brew Co
  • Kiwi Freeze by Marker Freeze E-Juice
  • Spartans Blood Iced by Tyrant

In no particular order, let us begin….

Yeti – Icey Fruit

The initial aroma of the Yeti has a very fruity smell and I believe I get strawberry and apple at this moment. So far I am liking the smell of it.

At my current settings I am getting a little bit of fruit and a whole lot of ice. After a few consecutive vapes, it affects my back of my throat with a tingling itchy feeling which I am not enjoying. I have closed off 4 of the air holes and down to 40 watts to see if this eases the ice up… Ok it’s helped a bit. The fruit flavour is still pretty week and the ice is still quite strong but it is not irritating my throat as quickly. I honestly can’t pick out any specific fruit which is a shame.

Pros: Nice flavour and it didn’t kill my coils.

Cons: The Ice. I think there is too much of it but this my opinion. Yours could be different.

Verdict: I am personally not a fan. I find the ice is too dominant. There is nothing wrong with the flavour but the I find the ice overpowering what fruit there is. I did struggle to vape this all day because of the irritation it caused by throat but this could be a ME thing as Dean also vaped this and enjoyed it.

Spartans Blood Iced – Strawberry Coconut, Watermelon with Menthol

On smelling the un-vaped juice I am finding the strawberry and coconut very prominent. Nothing else for the minute so lets get vaping.

So this has a strange taste. It’s not horrible just plain odd. On the inhale I get the cooling from the menthol and on the exhale the fruits come through. The watermelon seems to be the stronger flavour initially, then the coconut. The aftertaste consists of the coconut and strawberry. The menthol is at a perfect level. It doesn’t punch but leaves a gentle cooling at the back of my throat.

Pros: Didn’t kill my coils. Good level of menthol. Not a horrible flavour.

Cons: I didn’t have the love for this flavour. It was not horrible and I could vape it easily but I could take it or leave it.

Verdict: If you love watermelon or coconut vapes this will is one to try. The juice is lovely and clean but It’s not for me. Sorry Tyrant, but I love that fact you came up with something that is a bit different.

Kiwi Freeze – Kiwi with a cooling touch.

Ok so there is not much of a smell to this one. I can tell it is sweet but that is it for the moment.

OMGoodness. I love this flavour. Deliciously sweet on the inhale and then the kiwi comes in on a chariot of menthol when exhaling. There is a very good balance between the kiwi and menthol. They are really working well together. I am left with kiwi on the aftertaste too. It doesn’t last for long but it’s nice nonetheless.

Pros: The flavour is lovely. Good levels of sweetness, kiwi and menthol. Didn’t kill my coils.

Cons: To be honest I don’t have any.

Verdict: Really enjoyed vaping this e-liquid. It’s a nice simple clean flavour. Could easily vape it all day and will definitely vape this again.

Frozen Strawberry Watermelon Refresher – No explanation required

Ok so on the initial smell I am picking up the strawberry but it doesn’t match the menu profile. I swear I can also smell citrus??? The smell is really familiar but I can’t place it.

Time to vape. Ok so this is odd. I can usually place flavours quite quickly but this one has me. So the coolada is a little overpowering but it doesn’t punch my throat. Added bonus is that it cleared my sinuses. 👍

I can feel the coolness on the inhale but the flavour after this isn’t what I expect. I am not getting any strawberry and a tiny tiny hint of watermelon. I have also figured out what the smell reminded me of as it tastes the same and that is a honey and lemon throat lozenges. I know how insane that sounds so I got a second opinion from Dean and his response was very similar. Now don’t get me wrong, this is a nice vape and flavour but it’s not what I was expecting.

Pros: Flavour is good and easy to vape. Not a coil killer. Will be a perfect vape if you are congested!!

Cons: It’s not what I was expecting. Coolada is a bit strong (maybe this is affecting the balance of the flavours?).

Verdict: It’s an ok vape and is a flavour that I would seriously vape if I have a cold. If you have the option of a ‘try before you buy’ at your local vape shop, I recommend doing so.

What about getting these juices in the UK?

Barista Brew Co is available in the UK and retails for around £14.99 for a 50ml shortfill.

Market Freeze E-Juice – I have not found it yet. If you do let me know.

Tyrant – Still not found it

Psycho E-Liquids is available in the UK for £17.99 for an 80ml shortfill. However you may need to Google Psycho Yeti or Puff Labs to find them.

So that is that for this second review. I hope you found this review helpful and please feel free to leave a comment.

See ya later

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