• I DO NOT PROVIDE JUICE REVIEWS, however, if I receive juice and enjoy it, more often than not it is included in a review of a product, a live show, and in my social media.
  • I DO NOT PROVIDE RTA/RDTA/SUB TANK REVIEWS, occasionally one will be sent to me to try out and I will discuss it, and in very few occasions if I really do enjoy it, it will get a review, but this is absolutely never guaranteed with tanks.
  • I do not charge for reviews, I do not charge for queue jumping, however, due to the nature of my content and high volume of products I can receive, I also rarely accept a product to provide a specific review on unless it’s something different, special, or has a high interest level from viewers. Without prior agreement, sending a product ‘out of the blue’ will not guarantee a review.

That being said, everything that does come to me will get shown and discussed in at least one live show along with my initial impressions as well as being shown on my other social media. Doing so can show people new products when they may not have been looking for that specific thing.

Should you contact me and we agree a product is to be reviewed, you need to be aware of the following criteria:

  • Once I receive a product, it is mine to do with as I see fit – often given away, raffled for charity, however occasionally sold for considerably less than RRP to fund channel related purchases.
  • Any review or first impressions will be completely unbiased and with no influence from outside sources. Where possible I will discuss any issues with the manufacturer prior to review should any issues arise with the product. This enables the manufacturer to amend, halt, fix, or adapt the product prior to release to allow the consumer to purchase a better product.
  • Along with the product, I expect a detailed sheet of information about the product, materials, and USP, MSRP and where to purchase in the UK and USA.
  • I would hope to provide any previously agreed review within an agreed timescale, however occasionally this is not possible, you must be aware of this.
  • When either a review, first look in a show, or picture is shown on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, any spamming of links in the comments by the company that sent the product or manufacturer will get deleted and blocked.

Thanks for reading.

Vaping Biker