So this is the ancillary vape gear, the tools, the stuff I use daily and get asked about a lot. Unless otherwise stated these are not sponsors, however I may include an Amazon affiliate link in case you fancy something and want to help the channel a little without any extra expense on your part.

Atty Dock stands

I really like these Atty Dock stands, damn nice chap makes them too. Here’s his group on Facebook










The People at Golisi sent me the S6 charger to try out, I’m extremely happy with it’s performance, 2amp charging on 3 bays, and it’s pretty darn cheap with a super sharp readout. So far, I’m loving it! I do not have an affiliate link

Here’s a link to their website











Allen head wrenches, mine are super old, but these are very similar

For atomisers that need a 1.3mm wrench, I use one of these Wera versions