Here is where you’re going to find hopefully all the information you’re going to need with regards to the Basium. The product info, the reviews, and where you can get hold of them. I will update this regularly.

A dual 18650 squonker with simplicity in mind.
Variable Wattage or Variable Voltage only, no temp control, no flashing lights, made to be affordable, dependable, and practical.

If you’re interested in stocking the Basium please email Dovpo at
Dovpo website’s Basium page: The Basium


I will update this list as it grows, it’s still early days. The release will be on the 6th of July 2018


Basium wraps are available at: ZapWrapz


Where can I get the Basium?



Evolution Vaping
Vape Industries (Norwich and Thetford branches)

VapeTopia, Beccles
Vapeologists, Aylesham, North Walsham, Sheringham (FB link as website under construction)
Simcig, Faversham, Kent
Seax Vaporium, Saxmundham, Suffolk

Scotland – Vapetek Glasgow  

More to come!



Evolution Vaping
Ohmz Distro
Vape Distribution




My Freedom Smokes



IBTS Distro




Juice Cartel





Vaping Biker:

Presentation video:

Behind the scenes development video:


A HUGE thank you to everyone that’s reviewed the Basium, here’s some links for you to enjoy 😀

Todd’s Reviews:


Mike Vapes


Ophidian Vapes


Vaping V1ck


The Vaping Bogan


Fresh 03


Kimmy Vapes


Vapor Trail Channel


Vape Don’t Smoke


Dimi Crazy Damper (Dutch review)




Suck My Mod


  1. Hello Dean
    I hope you are well.

    I brought the Basium when 1st released but I dropped mine today ad its stopped working, I hunted around on line and cant seem to find any for sale in UK, do you know if the mod is still available to purchase or whether its been discontinued by Dovpo

    1. Author

      Sadly they’ve discontinued it

  2. Hello, So how come you decided to delete your listing on after I left an honest negative feedback?

    1. Author

      Why would you think I have anything to do with that website???

  3. Having problems with the ohms on the mod keeps changing deffo the mod as the tank works fine on another device and even tried a different tank on this mod and still having problems with it

  4. Bought a Basium and put a Bonza 1.5 rda in squonk mode on it ,now the bottle assembly leaks. It seems the rail system is not sitting properly. Not sure who I should talk to about getting this issue resolved.

    1. Author

      Hi, as with any purchase, the first point of contact for any issues should always be the place you bought it from.

  5. This mod is absolutely awesome except that it doesn’t have a screen dimmer or a stealth mode. It’s driving me nuts when I’m squonking in my bed at night because it’s so bright and the screen stays on forever every time. Since there’s no way to update the thing it means it’s an unresolvable issue. Things maybe to address in future builds. Otherwise I love this thing. I will buy more if you fix those issues.

  6. Hi mate , been using Basium few months now where can I buy spare bottle carriers and bottles please. Many thanks

    What a brilliant product by the way , I love it but use many tanks and want to inter change juice more.

  7. hi Biker. is Basium regulated? is it a lot safer to use than other Sub-Ohm Vaping? such as less risk of explosion hazard etc? thanks!

  8. Just decided to start squonking after ages dripping.

    I am very fussy about my mods, I don’t get them often, I buy once and buy right. I like them simple, solid and reliable. I wanted dual 18650, regulated,

    After much thought I narrowed down to this and the Rage. I am so glad I went for this. Just arrived today and already refilled 3 times in the 3 hours after getting home from work.

    What can I say – perfect in every respect, I was dubious about only the bottom battery door after only using Minikin/Minikin Boost but even that seems solid (barring the play in the hinge, but that’s not a problem when shut.

    Top marks.

  9. I had my basium for about 3 months and my screen went out I don’t know what the problem is but I’m bummed this was my all day squonker.

  10. My Basium arrived yesterday. Everything I hoped for – easy to use, solid, no extra bells or whistles, battery life is second only to my minikin v2. Now I can happily squonk away while watching MNL. Into month 10 of no smoking, after 35 years – the Basium will carry me forward. Good work, sir.

  11. Just got my basium today, this thing rocks, has become my favorite out of the five that I own…plus the simple packaging was a big problem..good job on that.. enjoy your videos, have learned a lot, if you ever make it to Texas give a shout

  12. Hi buddy, been having some problems with my Basium. No atty came up and then ohms all over the place. When I took the carrier out it looks as if the metal connector that goes into the seal was bent. So I stuck the bottle on the spare carrier and everything seems ok.

  13. Got mine from yesterday and it is, without a doubt, the best dual battery, regulated, squonker I own. My previous favorite – by a very large margin – was the Drone and this exceeds it in every way possible. Nice work, Dean.

  14. Picked mine up today in the stainless finish fantastic mod green one next.

  15. Waiting for it to be on sale in Australia but still says “sold out” or not found on any Australian website has said that before release just assumed it would be until it was released.. disappointed looking to the sites every day still nothing! It cant be sold out before it was even put on the sites!

    1. I ordered one in Australia from Juice Cartel, they only have red ones left. The rest are sold out.

  16. Hi Vaping Biker And Dovpo I really would love to get one or two of The Basium Squonk Mods..I Really Love The Green One and The Black One.I hope I can Get One Of Them..I Been Looking for a Very Good Squonk Mod And I Founded The Basium Squonk Mod,I LOVE This One A lot.The Green One Is The Best and Looks Very Good.Dovpo and Vaping Biker You Are The Very Best.From your Friend Mark P. Pics Houseofvape

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