Why I'm not reviewing the Teslacigs Biturbo mech

The Teslacigs Biturbo Mech kit arrived to review the other day, and while trying to get my head around why someone would release a product so similar to a 2 year old unpopular mod – anyone remember the Hell’s Gate circa early 2015? – I noticed a couple of things that offended me greatly. This article I imagine will put me in the bad books with Tesla, which is a shame because I’ve genuinely enjoyed a lot of their previous products, but, unfortunately, like most things in life, you’re only as good as your last offering – and in the case of the BITURBO MECH, it’s not promising, in fact, it’s down-right worrying.

Biturbo Mech
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Let’s kick off with what I’m not happy about then.

First of all, the box clearly states ‘STARTER KIT’ under the Biturbo Mech banner at the bottom of the box. Clearly, an unregulated series mod is absolutely NOT a starter kit. Strike 1.

Secondly the name, the Biturbo MECH – It’s clearly not a mechanical device, it’s got protection (to be discussed) and wire/solder, it’s UNREGULATED. I know this point is a tad picky, but still, it’s saying it’s something it’s clearly not. Strike 2.

Now this is where things get serious.

Back in 2015, a lot of us were concerned with the HG mod as mentioned above, purely because people didn’t seem to understand that if you put a 0.4Ω dual coil in one atty that’s fine, but if you put a 0.4Ω in the second atomiser as well, that is then the equivalent of a quad coil and therefore from the battery’s perspective, a 0.2Ω drain (without trying to teach you to suck eggs, doubling the coils, halves the resistance, think of drinking straws, if you double the straws you suck down more drink because there’s less resistance), and so while it was much rarer to build at the low levels people do now, it was still concerning that people were putting undue stress on the batteries without realising it. At least that particular mod had a parallel battery configuration, and so shared the amp drain amongst two cells.

We now know more, and as an industry we’ll generally suggest not building lower than a 0.4Ω coil on a series mod, because with an initial 8.4 volts of power (not including battery sag and voltage drop), you’re getting a fairly angry 174w of power with a thoroughly safe (cell dependant) 21amp draw. In reality however, we know that you will not get that full power due to the battery sagging under the load and reducing the output voltage – but this is very dependant on the cell used, as well as it’s age and condition. What you will get is incredibly difficult to approximate with any accuracy, which is why the tests from people like Battery Mooch are absolutely necessary in our desire to find the perfect vaping experience.

This brings me to my biggest issue with the Biturbo Mech, and the absolute reason why I will NOT be reviewing it in it’s current form.

Biturbo Mech minimum resistance
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Teslacigs in their infinite wisdom have decided that the minimum resistance is 0.1Ω!! and let’s get this clear, based on the full 8.4v of the battery, that’s a draw of 84amps from a series setup! (again, no egg sucking tutorial intended, but parallel batteries nearly doubles the amount of amperage they can handle while keeping voltage to the 4.2, series batteries will double the voltage but keep the amperage to the same as a single cell).

Could this be a printing error in the manual that will easily get changed? Absolutely not, the minimum resistance continues on the mod itself!

Biturbo mech resistance
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This truly appalled and angered me. At a time where we are all pushing to educate, to lead the way forward with safety and responsible vaping, Tesla are saying that it’s perfectly fine to use 0.1Ω on a series mod. Quite frankly, I was stunned.

Immediately I questioned my Tesla rep about this and while they conceded that they would remove the words ‘Starter Kit’ from the box, they see no issue with the lower resistance, insisting that the battery sag would reduce the voltage output sufficiently.

When questioned about how they decided on 0.1Ω being safe the response I got was…

“we use 40A 18650 battery, 0.2ohm resistance, use A atomizer works, the voltage around 6.21V, wattage around 176W, when use B atomizer works, the voltage around 6.04V, wattage around 166W, when two atomizer works the same time, A voltage is around 5.24V, 136W, B around 5.28V, 127W, total would be 263W”

Can anyone see what’s wrong here? With no regulation of the power, the coils are trying to pull as much as they can from the batteries, and are purely regulated by the over-stressing of those batteries and the resulting sag and voltage drop through the mod reducing the voltage amount!

Again I pressed further insisting that they are calculating incorrectly and making a statement about a product that is quite simply, unsafe. The response was…

“well we suggest lowest resistance is 0.2ohm, single one 0.1ohm. for protection battery
and about 6pcs MOS inside do protection for chipest
i mainly want say this is safety product. just confirm that we gonna remove “starter kit” on package from now on -Thank you remind us”

I pleaded for a re-think once again, and got no further response.

On top of all this, let’s look at other inconsistencies..

Biturbo specification
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The minimum input voltage is 6v, and yet they appear to be perfectly fine calculating figures down to 5.24V inclusive of battery sag
The manual clearly states that “two hi-drain 18650 cell (discharging current should be above 30A)” – and yet their preposterous calculation figures are based off of an alleged 40A battery that is both not stated as to which one it is, and not mentioned as a minimum requirement in the product specification! The differences between a 30A and 40A would be massive!
Yes I know that constant discharge and pulse ratings are different, and the latter will allow us to use some cells aggressively, but they are saying that the cell should have a discharge rate above 30A and NOT a pulse rating
But there’s going to be protection isn’t there? Nope…
Biturbo Protection
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If anything, this bit of information makes even less sense – “Low Voltage Alert: When the voltage drops below 7.5V corresponding LED will flash 15 times and the device will power off” – so that’s 0.9V lower than two fully charged cells – 0.9V! So when each battery get’s to 3.75V that’s it done? Good luck with battery life on that one.
I asked the one and only Battery Mooch for his opinion on the mod, and here’s his initial thoughts on the Teslacigs Biturbo Mech:


Battery Mooch's comment on the biturbo
Battery Mooch
“I am astounded at what seems to be, in my opinion, a complete lack of knowledge regarding battery ratings and safety displayed by Teslacigs with this mod. My surprise is only topped by my disgust at a company that shows such blatant disregard for the vaping community….their customers!”
My Conclusion
While the product may perform very well – Teslacigs products often do – regarding the Biturbo mech, with the current level of instructions, dubious maths, and suggestion of the 0.1Ω minimum requirement this product will absolutely NOT be featured in a review on my channel. I completely refuse to even put batteries in a product with such (in my opinion) irresponsible marketing. The irony here is that at a higher Ω coil, the battery will sag less under power and deliver a better vape!
Yes, if you know what you’re doing you may have a jolly good old time with this product, but I’m thinking of someone buying one for the first time and following instructions to use it, and I for one, do not want to advocate something that’s so horrifically written.
Should Teslacigs change their minimum requirements – as a suggestion, 0.35Ω for a single atomiser, and 0.7 for two, and ensure that the safer figures are on the mod and in the manual, then I will, in fact I will shout from the rooftops that Teslacigs realised they made a mistake and corrected it straight away, however, sadly, this looks unlikely.
Dean, the Vaping Biker


  1. Please, if anyone can respond. What is the value of ohms completely safe to use the 2 attys with 2 vtc4 batteries? 4 resistors of 1.0ohm each are safe? I just bought the vape and would not want to throw it in the trash that fast, but I will only use it in absolute security.
    Thank you.

  2. I have the biturbo and i really enjoy it. As long as you know what your doing this thing works great. Hits better then my tfv12. I recommend thus mod to anyone who has experience with unregulated mods and drippers.

    1. Hello, dear,.

      I’ve been using this Kit for 3 weeks, And am enjoy vaping on it. But i really need to understand what is the resistance for dual atty if the resistance for one atty is 0.36. A friend told me to 0.36/2=0.18 which is real danger result. And another friend told me to 0.36×2/2=0.36 . Am really confused how to calculate the resistance of dual RDAs working at the same time. Btw am using Samsung 25R.

      1. Author

        This is exactly the reason this mod is dangerous.
        If you have one atomiser that reads X ohms and you build a second exactly the same that reads the same resistance, when you use them together you’re dividing the figure by 2 so halving it – but for that to be close to accurate, they both have to read exactly the same when individually on ohm readers.

  3. Amazing that all that would have to be done is reword and do better math to make a much better product and they will not consider it. It would make for good reviews from well respected reviewers and show that they actually listened to the people about how to make better products. I think it is a niche product but just looks like they would take safety a little more seriously.

  4. Hats off to you Dean! You could have simply not reviewed the product and went on your merry way but instead decided to take a stand and possibly put your relationship with Tesla in jeopardy. That takes a man with character! That is also why I respect your opinions and watch your reviews! Kudos once again and fine job!

  5. This is a real shame, I absolutely love my tesla invader 3, to the point that I bought a second in the tpd sales to sit in the cupboard for future use. I’m really surprised at how irresponsible the company is being.

  6. Its VERY unfortunate Tesla have done this.. If it was labelled an expert device and the dangers/properties of series dual atty builds properly and correctly explained it would be a different product IMO. Not for me, but I could see it having some niche appeal.
    40amp batteries??.. I’m not aware of real 40amp rated batteries.
    Tesla you silly buggers, you were doing so well up to this point!

  7. Nice One Deano, Fully support you on this one.. Although you would reach the masses if you did “Tube-it”
    Personally I feel the manufacturers are pushing out too many mods nowdays it is going to get worse before it gets better..
    I am still considering a new Mech Mod but with the flurry or released regulated mods released week to week, this isn’t so important to me at the moment.. Thanks for all you do brother..

  8. nice review.
    i like tesla products, but if a company cannot see through this stupidity i will cease buying their products until they change. thank you for the review and explanation dean. i would have like to seen you talk about this also on your channel. maybe one day you may have the chance to discuss on a live show.

  9. That’s why i love mechanical. My safety is on my brain. Not depending on some electronics chips bulls**t. I’d rather vaping on 4 18650 mod with 4 ohm coil to get 70w worth of power rather than single 18650 with .2ohm coil on it. I couldn’t understand why people can’t understand such easy and simple thing like that.

  10. Dean, please do a YT video on this mod. I always look for reviews & info from responsible, & knowledgeable Reviewers there when I’m considering a new product. I haven’t looked for a new mod for myself since I got my first Hex Ohm a year ago. My vaping style doesn’t place much demand on batteries, but there are so many young, new vapers that just buy whatever they think looks cool & start vaping. They don’t fo research, don’t try to learn how to do it safely, they just go h end up a sad, negative, statistic. We need good, honest info available in the media that vapers, or those interested in vaping, use. Newb’s are always told to go to YT or Google for info. That is where this info needs to be. This mod plays right into the FDA’s plans to ban vaping, someone is going to make an uninformed decision & help that along.

  11. They re only about the DOLLAR! I buy only from trusted and well known companies. The rest of them can choke on their own products, O wouldn’t buy an oring from such people

  12. i personally think you would reach a broader audience if you were to show and speak about the product on youtube…just saying. Thank you for telling us about this, i wish more people would stand up to these vendors about shady products. Especially liquid labeling.

  13. I’m perfectly happy with just buying a second Noisy Cricket V2. Safe as can be. Not a prob since I got it. Also the 3 modes u can get from one mod is great. Unregulated series, regulated series and unregulated parallel mech mode. Only way I can see this Tesla device work is with an RDA with a neutral post to double the ohms instead of splitting them. Thanks you for making this knowledge known to the community and most importantly the new vapers

  14. My compliments Dean. Well done and good stand to take. Not only is this industry shooting itself in the foot, it’s trying to blow it off as well.

  15. Great article but I think you should do a review. Might be fun to rip it to shreds. The people who should read this article probably won’t because youtube can make everyone an expert. Right? Just refuse to put batteries in it and I can see a happy ending with a big fucking hammer!

  16. Thank you, Dean, for some responsible reporting on this mod. I support your decision to not review it but I would also support you if you changed your mind and decided to review it to show how dangerous this mod really is. It’s a tough one to call but you know what you are doing and I thank you for looking out for us fellow vapers.

  17. Thanks for taking the time to write this and inform the vaping community, alot of people who have just thrown it in the trash, im sure we will all do our best to spread the word.

    thanks again.

  18. Do a review i say. But on the who stupid they are maiking this.

  19. Good non rant piece. Lots of knee jerk comments being made about bombs etc. Although I think it’s pointless having two atomisers, the actual equipment is only dangerous if used as the specifications say to.
    I don’t know if the atomisers are connected in paralle or series, parallel is ok, series is stupid.
    After seeing all the comments about the mod rather than the specifications they claim, I am more convinced most capers don’t understand the technical side and should stay away from unregulated.
    If it had been advertised with your specifications ok, you have made an effort to understand, most don’t.
    Good job.

  20. Dean i understand where you are coming from but i urge you to reconsider reviewing this mod , its the fact that its unsafe is why you should post something to you tube if not a review just some info on the build that should be in there, slate it again as you should but give it its own thumbnail so anyone searching for this mod will come across it , the sad fact is that it will be bought by people that have no understanding how to use it properly and if they go on you tube and dont find responsible reviews for this mod i shudder to think what could happen.

  21. Intelligent comments Dean, you’d think a company with Teslas experience would know better.
    With all the negative safety issues in the media this is the last thing we need in the vaping community.

  22. Great article, thank you for writing it. When I first saw it as a pre-order (I am a vendor in Australia), my first initial thought was “Starter kit – what the actual f..k”!!!!

    Tesla do have some great products, but this has set them back in leaps and bounds!

  23. well done Dean. thank you and Mooch for looking into this. just astoundingly ignorant that a company would be this careless.
    unfortunately there are alot of folks that dont read or understand the #s. thats were education and real reviews come in. Thanks

  24. A couple of weeks ago I found a reviewer on youtube who used a set of coils at 0.12 ohms in a VGOD PRO MECH review saying it’s a perfect build.

    22:15 /// https://youtu.be/vb2z26ZGx0c

    1. What are you implying with this comment? Judged by the context i would say that you think it’s too low for a single mechtube, but in reality that doesnt closely come to low res, I’ve been vaping on a single mech for a year with resistance around 0.06-0.07, and it’s been perfectly fine vape giving you have proper batteries. It’s ridicolous prejudice that batteries can explode if you’re building lower then 0.1, for my experience it is chinese chips that malfunction more often because of the wiring or some other problems rather than mechs.

      1. Uhm 4.2 volts on 0.06 is 70amps. Yeah. Good luck with that

      2. So, Scrufie…. you’re saying that a mechtube is fine at .06 ohms (which is 70amps) and it’s the chinese chips that have a problem because you got lucky? I’m just going to stop you right there.

        And yes, batteries CAN explode if they are discharged beyond the continuous discharge rating. That is a known fact, not just someone getting unlucky or having a bad battery. Best of luck.

    2. Lukasz 0,12ohm is fine, but its on the low end of fine. Scrufie, be carefull.


  25. I am very surprised with Tesla have always been a fan in the past but cannot believe the disregard to customers safety. No by far not a starter kit by any means could even catch a seasoned vaper off guard on a bad day for that matter. This is right up there with the Cherry Bomber and Noisy Cricket Versions 1.

  26. Great points. It’s as if they’re treating this like it’s a regulated mod. Also makes me wonder if their other mods are as safe as we think they are. Do their other mods have the proper electrical components, appropriate lipo packs etc. They clearly don’t comprehend simple straw mechanics.

  27. Well said Dean
    It’s just wrong what they have done

  28. I still want this, just for the “you don’t have this” standpoint but I completely agree someone who doesn’t have the education will probably lose their mod, if not their face! These Chinese companies don’t care about what happens after the sale it’s not OK

  29. I’m simply astounded mate, Todd had said he wouldn’t be reviewing it, and that you also had a chat about it, but I had no idea it’d be so bad.

    I don’t understand how they’ve come up with those numbers, it’s preposterous. To say it’s a starter kit is frankly obscene.

    I’m on a few groups and quite often they will be an experienced vaper (eg 2years plus), never had a mech/unregulated mod, who fancies trying one and actively seeks advice on what is or isn’t recommended.

    But new vapers may not be on fb or other groups/forums or know anyone to ask for advice, they’ll get their hands on this and be next week’s chip paper! I had been vaping for around 4 months before I came across my first forum online and don’t get me wrong I’d heavily researched vaping for a while (I was a skeptic).

    It frightens the life out of me that Tesla came up with this in the first place, what scares me even more is despite your efforts in showing them the error of their ways, they’ll still release it onto the market.

    If you’ve made it this far thanks for reading.

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