Why I'm not reviewing the Teslacigs Biturbo mech

The Teslacigs Biturbo Mech kit arrived to review the other day, and while trying to get my head around why someone would release a product so similar to a 2 year old unpopular mod – anyone remember the Hell’s Gate circa early¬†2015? – I noticed a couple of things that offended me greatly. This article I imagine will put me in the bad books with Tesla, which is a shame because I’ve genuinely enjoyed a lot of their previous products, but, unfortunately, like most things in life, you’re only as good as your last offering – and in the case of the BITURBO MECH, it’sRead More →

Something happened today completely by accident and it made the conspiracy theorist within go ‘oooooo hmmm I wonder’ and then obviously on to ‘those sneaky bastards’, and as I’m laid up at the moment without many working limbs and can’t get into the studio (hopefully tomorrow though) I figured I’d write about it! Tin foil hats at the ready!Read More →