Something happened today completely by accident and it made the conspiracy theorist within go ‘oooooo hmmm I wonder’ and then obviously on to ‘those sneaky bastards’, and as I’m laid up at the moment without many working limbs and can’t get into the studio (hopefully tomorrow though) I figured I’d write about it! Tin foil hats at the ready!

So, we know that thanks to the FDA and EU powers-that-be, we now have to have warnings on vape product packaging akin to those on cigarettes, some of us may also feel that the bad press and government’s negligence over accepting that vaping is safer than smoking tobacco, could in part, be due to them needing people to continue combustible tobacco to allow vast revenue from taxation, tobacco companies, and pharmaceutical companies to carry on being collected – not to mention the extra costs involved with people living longer and so on.

Now, stay with me, and this could be absolutely my own brain running wild but when I left the box for the new Nautilus 2 next to my sofa, I walked past, saw this out of the corner of my eye, and quite honestly it took a moment to compute….



Now tell me what that looks like to you, because to me, that’s the closest thing to something that looks like a packet of cigarettes I’ve had in my house for a number of years!

I need to highlight that in no way am I putting Aspire under the spotlight here for their packaging, they are only doing exactly what they’re told.

Going back to the conspiracy theorist in the back of my head – that does enjoy watching the occasional online documentary about pixelated underwater and desert maps on Google – does making vaping products look like cigarette packets help or hinder the new starter? Does it normalise tobacco packaging to the point of making it harder to tell the difference? is it more likely that someone sees a black packet like the one in the pic, and it sub-consciously reminds them of their favourite JPS smokes or whatever packaging may be similar?

I don’t know, I really don’t. We know the warning labels are unnecessary and actually telling lies because your new mod/tank/dripper does not contain nicotine, it may never contain nicotine, so it’s all about usage. Your car contains nicotine once you put your 10ml bottle of eliquid in there for crying out loud.

Seeing as I’m deeply mistrustful of our fabulous rulers and lawmakers, and also how times are changing with subliminal marketing, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and various other influencing techniques being used like never before, I can’t shake the feeling that there’s more shady actions taking place than we as consumers are seeing, and this just struck alarm bells.

Like I said, it could be because I’m a tad mental, it could be the medication, or it could in it’s smallest degree be a thing – if nothing else, we don’t like it, we don’t need it, and we all wish it would bugger off – is it going to though? is it bollocks.

I’m always interested to hear your thoughts on these things, so leave a comment below and tell me if I’m losing my mind LOL

‘Ave it large people!

The Vaping Biker


  1. I see this as just another crazy piece of legislation introduced by the government (FDA/TPD, UK/USA/EU – take your pick).

    The real issue I have with the TPD, and specifically UK legislation is the double standard occurring between cigarettes and e-liquid. On the side of cigarettes, small packets (i.e. 10 packs and low weight loose tobacco) are being banned so as to price younger users out of the market, requiring people to “bulk buy” tobacco products and the hefty taxes applied to them. In the case of vaping, we get limited to tiny amounts of juice with the 10ml restriction. Granted a child drinking e-liquid isn’t going to be a happy tale, however I’d wager that eating a 20 pack of smokes would do a child a serious amount of harm also!

    I would take a stab in the dark that the government do not want to lose tax revenue and want to make vaping overly difficult for those wanting to quit smoking, in the hope it will slow the tide of tax losses. I’m sure it won’t be long before the EU decide to impose taxes on vaping, here’s hoping that it doesn’t happen before we have left.

  2. i totally agree with your assesment of the situation. i have been vaping for a couple of years now but until 8 days ago continued to smoke as well.i was smoking between 140 -180 a week and am now just vaping full time. i also believe that the government are doing this because so many people are switching to vaping rather than smoking and they are loosing alot of money in taxes on tobacco products it’s a sneaky way of still trying to get peoples hard earned money. it certainly stinks to high heaven of greed and surely if people are switching to vaping we are saving the nhs alot of money in not having to deal with the negative effects of tobacco related disease.

    1. I don’t know if it will save the nhs money in the long run. Won’t the people still get sick and need treatment as they age? Without the revenue from tobacco taxes it seems like a losing deal for the government.
      Especially if you factor in the extra care people need in old age which is often funded by the state.

  3. Aspire are playing it safe with that warning label as the product is associated with nicotine. Key word to be added to the label is ‘may’ but the shape of the box does remind me of a pack of 20. Never noticed before so good spot! But look at rizla rolling papers, a quick google image search shows no warning labels apart from FSC be kind to trees so they fall under ‘smoking paraphernalia’. So why are our vaping companies being hammered and not being classed like rizla? Hmmm….

  4. Hi Dean from Pittsburgh, Pa,,USA. I too am hoorified over all these “New” regulations they are trying to instill on us like it is our fault for wanting to be at minimum, healthier. I’m now over 53 and HAD been smoking traditional cigarettes for over 40 years. I along with my wife decided to start vaping and stop cigarettes completely but with only adding a little nicotine to the juice until feeling comfortable to completely be done with it. Now that we have our mods, tanks, build kits and are entering into making our own juice, it has come to our attention that each of our governments want to be involved. This has me thinking. Wasn’t these the same people for years telling me and others that smoking was bad for me etc… as well as how I’m supposedly imposing death on other people with my second hand smoke? I am outraged now as well as a ton of others here in our country to feel the deceit of what the talking heads are all about. It’s not about a healthier place, better environment, etc… it’s about money and who is in bed with who on a global scale. It wasn’t until doing some research online and coming to this understanding and finding your channel. Which I’m glad I did by the way. I know I’m ranting like many others are but my problem is, is that I’m not seeing any recommendations on how “we” can combat this so we can continue to do what we’re doing. There’s illicit things going on in every aspect of life anymore. Why pinpoint targeting on just this? I’m just as mental as you, maybe more with brain cancer, but it is beyond my scope of rationale to get a handle on this. I apologize for the rant, I appreciate your sites and work and Thank You for helping educate some of us that are just getting in on this.
    Sincerely, another vaping biker~Chuck

  5. Hi, Dean!

    Felt the need to reply to this, as I was reading I got to that photo and it triggered me. I’ve only been smoke free 20 days and haven’t had anything else do what that picture just made me feel. I actually think there is something In what you have said and I will be re-posting. I don’t need to be battling with this kind of thing when I’m trying to be healthier and vapeing. Cheers for the blog and for pointing this out.

  6. I think it highlights just how badly interpreted the TPD is and how it’s being used to effectively scare primarily the manufacturers into over compensating. As you rightly said an item such as a tank when empty doesn’t not fall within the TPD, only if E-Liquid with a percentage of nicotine is added does the legislation become applied. So could it not be argued that if a user has a tank with said nicotine in it then that tank should carry the warning. If not then how can it be safely handled? An example of a scenario is currently being questioned on a Facebook group. The question is concerning a 17year old that wants to take up vaping. The parent wants to know if they would be subject to prosecution if the said 17 year old was to vape zero nicotine? My answer is that it would not fall within the TPD, I’m probably going to receive alsorts of stroppy responses but I think this is what highlights the Bollocks this is causing. Who would be responsible for testing that young persons E-Liquid for nicotine? Who would be liable for prosecution? I really think that the current spate of warnings on packaging is just as you say Dean, it stinks of something only Westminster could understand. To me it’s more like horse shit

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