What can you say about Rip Trippers that hasn’t already been said, usually in a derisory manner in my experience? Over the last year or so he has come in for a lot of criticism, whether it be about the jump cuts in his videos, his willingness to see the positive in anything he reviews or his recommendation of certain skin hydrating products. As a reviewer he has more YouTube subscribers than anyone else….A lot more. I predict that he will pass the one million mark in the next few months, which is a huge number. It’s true in most walks of life that if you are number one at something, you are no longer cool or even respected, you are the target for people’s comments. But you cannot argue with the numbers, he is incredibly popular, a point made to me by the wonderful Richard Vick of ‘Vaping with v1ck’ from the YouTubes. Richard said that Rip Trippers has subscribers that do not follow any other vape reviewer, people that only have a passing interest in vaping, it’s just something to help them stop smoking, not a hobby. When you look at Rip Trippers in that light, I find him easier to understand. He’s not so much a reviewer anymore, more of an information service, a presenter. He will give you a decent overview of what is available, he is not there to look at the more esoteric side of how something vapes, he just informs you that it is capable of getting the job done, and basically sells it to you, not dissimilar to a presenter on QVC. Still doesn’t grant him forgiveness for that bloody Rap that he did though. (Editor’s note: Best I cancel the release of my first single… LOL )

Now he has released the third atomiser bearing the ‘Pharaoh’ name, the first two being a RDTA and a RTA respectively. This time we have the Pharaoh Mini RTA, in Rip’s words, a smaller, more flavoursome version of the bigger Pharaoh RTA. Does it work? Is it ‘SICK AS TITS?’ Does it have airflow that is as ‘SMOOTH AS A GRAVY SANDWICH?’ Why do I need feel the need to write anything that Rip Trippers says in block capitals? I don’t know, let’s try and find out.

I have had the Pharaoh Mini RTA since Vape Expo and I have struggled to find the time and energy to actually write the review. Now I just need to knuckle down and get on with it…..Shit, said the word ‘Knuckle,’ I didn’t mean it in relation to….Oh never mind, on with the review.

What’s in the box?

Pharaoh mini RTA
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The box itself is the standard type that DigiFlavor sends out to reviewers. It is red and white, has a sticker on the front telling me what is inside (or not, see below) and that is it. It is the same box, exactly, that I received The Drop RDA in for the last review that I wrote.

Pharaoh mini
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Inside The Pharaoh Mini RTA is cushioned adequately to prevent it being broken and comes with the usual assortment of spare o-rings and screws. It also has two spare glass for the tank, one of which is larger than the one on the RTA. This is for those of you that like to increase the capacity of your tanks from 2ml to 5ml. On the one I received, however, there was a small problem if I wanted to change it. Although I had a larger glass for the tank, I did not receive the chimney extender required for such an operation, or the tool they provide to enable this. I am going to guess that this is just a small oversight on the part of Digiflavor and I have no reason to doubt that anyone purchasing a Pharaoh RTA will not receive these items. The sticker on the front of the box tells me two more lies as well. It promises a 510 drip tip (nope) and a velocity style of deck for dual coils (no sign of that either, I believe you will be able to purchase that separately)

The Pharaoh Mini RTA is a single coil, bottom airflow, top filling configuration that has the build deck, covered by a chimney, which leads up to the top cap. There is nothing unusual or out of the ordinary about it. I believe the bigger Pharaoh RTA had top airflow as well as bottom, the Mini does without this.

Pharaoh mini rta
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I received two Drip tips with the RTA, both are Goon sized and one is quite extraordinary. It’s called the ‘Rip Tip’ (I shit you not) it is made of ultem and is massive. I did not like it at all if I am honest. It basically looked like a ring donut, and is not much smaller than one. Rip Tripper makes a big thing of how he designed this abomination in his introduction video for the Pharaoh Mini, and sings it’s praises in his own subtle way (Well, he would, he called it the ‘Rip Tip’ for fucks sake) The other drip tip is bright red and a lot more traditional in its design…….I used that one.

At the time of writing this review the Pharaoh Mini RTA is available in black and silver finishes. I have a black one.


Building the Pharaoh Mini RTA


The Pharaoh Mini RTA is a single coil atomiser that is 24mm wide and 57mm in height, if you include the ‘Rip Tip.’ I have never, in real life, seen the previous version of the Pharaoh RTA, but if this one, the mini, is 24x57mm, how fucking big was the full size version?

Pharaoh mini rta
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The build deck is very much like the previous atomisers that bear the ‘Pharaoh’ name. It has two clamps that rise up via springs as you unscrew it, and has the airflow entering directly underneath the coil. I like the way the springs in the clamps work, anyone who has ever used a clamp system on a RTA/RDA will know that sometimes they can be a pain the rear end to get your coils into. Two simple springs do make life a lot more pleasant by allowing the clamps to raise as you unscrew them.

I found that generally the Pharaoh RTA is simple and forgiving to wick, you do not have to be a nuclear physicist to work out how much cotton to use. I will come back to this though in the next part of the review.

pharaoh mini rta
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I built the Pharaoh RTA very simply with two types of build over the period that I used it. The first was a simple round wire, Ni80 build that came out at .5 Ohms, the second was a Kanthal Clapton wire that was .4 Ohms. I did not put anything too fancy in the Pharaoh as I had no intention of pushing the power past 50 watts. I did watch the introduction video of the Pharaoh RTA on Rip Trippers channel and he said in it that it’s designed to CHUCK TITS (sorry) between 30 & 50 watts, so I tried to use it as he intended.

In all I found the Pharaoh RTA simple enough to build, it did remind me of a cross between the Ammit 25 RTA and the Govad RTA, both of which I have reviewed in the past.


How it vapes


Pharaoh mini rta
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I wrote above that I put a round wire and a Clapton build in the Pharaoh RTA. If I am truthful, I got pretty much the same vape from both of them. The flavour is ok, it won’t make you throw your Kayfun away but you do get a decent(ish) vape from it. I found it was reasonably satisfying around 45 watts and, in general, the wicking kept up.

It did have a few inconsistencies though. I also mentioned above that you could be quite relaxed with the amount of wick you used and I stand by that statement. The Pharaoh was good at providing a nice vape with a lot of cotton or a small amount, it didn’t mind at all. Just that, every now and then, it would decide to give you a dry hit or piss itself all over your mod……or table…..or cupholder. This happened several times during my time with the RTA, I could never find a pattern with it either. Where dry hits are concerned, you could chain vape it for a period, put it down for twenty minutes, pick it up, vape it….Dry hit. You would be left looking at it with a mixture of surprise and hatred, you then took another tentative toot, no dry hit, lovely vape. This meant I never fully trusted the Pharaoh RTA, if I went out I would take something else with me.

The times it flooded were inconsistent as well. I was always careful to turn off the juice control when filling it, and I never had a problem after taking the top cap off. It just sometimes decided to piss itself, like it suddenly thought “I don’t like this e-liquid.” The most memorable was when I used it, put it down on the table next to me and became aware of movement in my peripheral vision. I looked over at my mod to see 2ml of e-liquid just fall out of the airflow holes of the RTA….Nice. That nearly led to me giving it the ‘dropkick’ test out of the back door, but I calmed down and got some kitchen towel. On the other hand, I did leave the Pharaoh, full of juice, for a full week. I returned to it expecting a scene of devastation and….nothing, still full of e-liquid. Strange, and annoying.

Overall I got a decent vape from the Pharaoh Mini RTA, it did not blow my socks off with flavour, but it did not disgrace itself either.



Pharaoh mini rta
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In the past few months I have either purchased or reviewed a few RDA’s by YouTube vape reviewers, The Dead Rabbit, The Recoil Rebel and The Drop. With all of these you get a sense that a lot of thought has gone into their design, all of the experience that the particular reviewer has gained from the hundreds of things he has reviewed has revealed itself in the finished product. I do not get that sense with the Pharaoh Mini RTA, it feels like the following telephone conversation took place between Rip Trippers and Digiflavor:


Man from Digiflavor (MFD) “Rip, we have a new RTA, do you want to put the Pharaoh name on it?”

Rip Trippers “Skippity Be-Bop, You can bet your britches I would, it would be Wang-Tang Fantastic and SICK AS TITS”

MFD “Rip, stop fucking about, do you want to do it or not? Just a Yes or No will suffice”

Rip Trippers “Yes”

It just feels likes another RTA that sits alongside all the other RTA’s from Digiflavor, Geekvape, Vandy Vapes etc. etc. I’m not saying anything is wrong with it, just that there is nothing outstanding about it. I found that I would struggle to identify this RTA from ones I had reviewed previously, is it a Govad? An Ammit? Who knows, does that matter? That’s a good question, probably not. If you like Rip Trippers, or prefer the look of the Ammit 25, you have plenty of choices, buy the one you like, all of them work well.

Would I buy the Pharaoh Mini RTA, with money? No, but as I said in my review of the Govad RTA, would it be enough to stop me from smoking? Yes it would, easily, and that’s the point.

That concludes my review of the Pharaoh Mini RTA by Rip Trippers and Digiflavor, I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you to Dean for sending me the RTA to review, sorry I have taken a bit longer than I would have liked to put pen to paper.

And remember everyone….

“Smoking is Dead…..Vaping is the… STOP THAT….Sorry.


Peace & Love

Ian Schwar

Editor comments:

Thanks again Ian for another great review, I certainly chuckled a few times in that one!!

This product was sent on by Digiflavor free for the purposes of testing/review, if you want to see more check out their website here – http://digiflavor.com/project/pharaoh-mini-rta/


  1. Much LOLZ, I just ordered one. Now I’m bracing myself for an underwhelming experience. I may make a few modifications to it in the hope of actually improving it. As a mechanical fitter I like to tinker and the airflow problem looks fairly simple to overcome. We shall see.

  2. Great review giving me all the info i need and a good laugh. Thanks

  3. I purchased the mini pharoh yesterday and the lack of airflow is driving me crazy. The flavor is nothing to write home about.

  4. Good review, thanks Ian. Tbh I have more positiv experiences with that tank and I own both, the bigger one and the (sort of) RDTA from him. Not a fanboy though, cancelled my YouTube subscription of him because listening to him gives me head- and heartache. All his products are based on the same Deck-Design, so I think it would be fair to give him that. They never leaked or dry-hitted on me and the taste was quite good, maybe slightly above average to me. And I have to say, I like Rips Tip, although writing this makes me vomit.

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