I could do with some feedback on something I’ve been contemplating of late…

Patreon for those that don’t know is a way that viewers, followers, fans, or whatever you want to call them can help their favourite creators on any platform continue to do what do. It’s been particularly popular of late thanks to YouTube monetisation challenges, and lately another hit to the YouTube community with the ‘Not Suitable for all advertisers’ badge being introduced. Patrons can contribute a monthly amount of usually differing levels to allow them to receive different benefits of being a Patron, so a monthly a mount of (for example) £3, £10, or £20 can release different levels of interaction and access to things non-patrons don’t see or get.

I have never had a strong standpoint on Patreon, neither for or against, but I have always felt that it’s something I’m not super excited about, purely because I wanted to do whatever I could to make my content available for everyone should they want to see it. This does limit the channel a little when it comes to certain things that aren’t really suitable for that format (random life vlogs, behind the scenes stuff, previews etc) – it is a review channel after all. Some people however do like the background work, they do like a little preview or ‘backstage action’ so to speak.

Why am I thinking about this right now? As you may know, I suffer from Ankylosing Spondylitis and Fibromyalgia and both are deemed as ‘chronic’ by my specialists, I’m not going to go into what I can and can’t do as I’ve covered it before, but, what it does mean is that I am unable to hold down a ‘regular’ job. YouTube gives me a platform to record, publish and interact on my good days, on days when things work, but also take time out for recuperation days, and the really challenging days of incredibly restricted movement.
Because of the flexibility of YouTube, I’ve been able to produce content that seems to be enjoyed by a good amount of people, and in doing so the small but vital revenue as a result of the videos being monetised means help with regards to paying for studio equipment, cameras, software, lighting, and all the things necessary to put out the content that I do. At this point you should probably know I don’t claim unemployment or disability benefit etc on account of being a very proud and old fashioned kind of chap. Yes, I know I’ve contributed to the pot during my 25 years busting my arse at work, however, it still is something that I’d rather completely avoid in favour of being independent, doing something productive, and creating a ‘job’ – this also helps me psychologically feel that my disability is not all consuming and I can still be a constructive member of society.

One of the biggest objections that people throw at particularly vaping reviewers, is that we get free mods and tanks and RDA’s, so we shouldn’t need to bring more money in – but those products do not pay the bills. If you’ve followed me for a while you may know that I will very occasionally sell a product (ordinarily around half of retail price) in order to fund software or something essential to the channel, and as for the rest of the products I will try to bulk them together for charity raffles on my channel, and occasionally other helpful things outside of the channel that I don’t go into. This all means that a few tanks and mods do not pay for the computer, cameras, lighting, etc.

Generally there are a few ways to earn rarely a full time income but bits and bobs that help pay the bills:

  1. YouTube monetisation
  2. Product Advertising of vape products
  3. Product Advertising of non-vape products
  4. Sponsorship
  5. Patreon
  6. Go Fund Me
  7. Merchandise

and the issue there is…

  1. YouTube monetisation is getting less and less worthwhile – and it was pretty poor to begin with
  2. Product Advertising of vape products – legally there are issues with regards to things like the TPD/TRPR in the UK, but also some people can think this will skew the integrity of the reviewer
  3. Product Advertising of non-vape products – Certainly something I’ve been looking into, and I have approached a few beard grooming companies without so much as a reply
  4. Sponsorship – again challenges occur there with the TPD/TRPR, and like advertising some people think this will encourage a reviewer to be less truthful, so not an option
  5. Patreon – The reason for this post
  6. Go Fund Me – makes it harder for people to support what they enjoy but does allow for a one off now and then
  7. I have merchandise, although this is printing to order, and so gaining 1.50 or 2.50 profit on T shirt isn’t going to go a long way to helping out

Of course when I started reviews on the dodgy laptop mic and camera, it worked and allowed me to do something cool, and these days, you can do a lot with a simple smartphone, but should the creativity and therefore final product enjoyed by viewers be restricted to just that because of bullish pride stopping a creator from progressing, or should there be a place for funding what you enjoy to allow you to continue watching and helping that creator/channe/musician/artist evolve and become better at what they do?


The YouTube format is something that is growing and evolving all the time, Fortune.com did a small piece this year to say that the Wall Street Journal showed that YouTube is about to overtake TV when it comes to how new generations are consuming their media ( http://fortune.com/2017/02/28/youtube-1-billion-hours-television/ ), and as such, wouldn’t it be realistic to assume that the creators, much like presenters and actors on the TV should have at least the ability to earn something?


As part of my viewership, your opinion matters to me, so here’s where you can get involved…

I’m still incredibly torn on this matter, again though, it’s important to highlight that I certainly do not have any issue with people that do this, and am very much on the fence about the whole situation.

This is where I would love to hear from you, what do you think? Do you think that while other genres of content are perfectly fine for this type of ‘fan-funding’ for want of a better word, vaping should be a separate entity? Is it something that if I did it, would make you see me in a different light?


I look forward to hearing some great constructive and helpful comments – on both sides of the fence.


The Vaping Biker.


  1. Hi, I view your reviews frequently and just came about this post from you. Pardon my probably “clumsy” sounding English but I’m writing to you from Austria, EU (meaning: It’s not my native language).
    Getting free stuff for reviewing: Of course you will and of course you should. How else could you be able to record several reviews each month? How could you be able to purchase all the mods and atomizers from a monthly salary – even if you were working your butt off? I know that some reviewers over in the USA get paid for their reviews – a lot of money. We are talking four number amounts. Of course that must lead viewers to think that the reviewers are biased. How could they not. But accepting free vape stuff for reviews is a must. Otherwise you’d have to take your channel down. Patreon: Well, that’s a hard one. I also think that content should be for everyone. But perhaps you could give away some of the vape stuff which you received from the manufacturers for free to your Patreons. Add to that a little background story now and then, some “what’s going on behind the scene” content, bits and pieces of gossip or future trends – and you’re good. I know that the post on this page dates from 2017, however, maybe you haven’t made up your mind yet?

  2. Just found your blog and have enjoyed your comments…and you vids on ‘the tube’. Regarding Patreon,I see no harm in anyone asking for donations,to help keep a channel up and running especially one they enjoy so much…BUT!!!…what I object to and totally deplore is the actions of some reviewers only allowing ‘subscribers’ entery to their draws for equipment THEY have given. To my mind if one has to pay a monthly sum to enter these draws, then they are no longer ‘draws’ but have become lotteries.Lottories in Britain are controlled by quite strict laws…Have any reviewers looked into this? Are ‘Patreon’ ONLY draws licenced and legal? Do these reviewers hold licences to hold these ‘Lotteries’? Keep up the great work you do Dean, you are a great help to the vaping community.

  3. hi Dean i for 1 am fully behind you doing a patreon infact now that you have started 1 i have signed up as a patreon to your chanel. i can’t afford much but every little helps. keep doing what your doing as 1 of your 4% ers i really enjoy everything that you do.

  4. Hi Dean,
    First of all. I really enjoy your channel and I think you do a very good job. And yes it’s a job and it’s just fair to get some money out of it.
    Vaping sponsors are, to my opinion, not a good option as you won’t be able to be truly objective about there product for you will risk to loose that sponsor. And do you really want to say every time ‘this video is presented to you buy …..’
    I think patreon is a great idea as you will still be available for free to everyone but people can just help you if desire.
    What’s happening to you is pretty f…. up so let people who want to, help you. I’ll keep on watching your videos even if I am more a Todd’s vape type guy. Haha
    Take care

  5. Do what needs done to continue making your reviews. However you earn income is entirely up to you so long as it doesn’t harm, mislead, or lead to falsehood in the eyes of those that give. Many legal professions take money from those that can ill afford and make no apologies for doing so ie: auto-repair, retail, insurance, government. My father raised me to be a good man and I see you as part of my brotherhood so there is no shame in having Patreon supporters. Most organizations in the U.S. ask and beg for money without telling or showing us how it’s used. My wife and I have watched you for a long time Dean and I whole heartedly wish to see you on my screen for a long time to come. Thank you for bringing so many smiles to our faces.

  6. No question about it. Just do it. You are a woncderful and funny reviewer, especially with Mark Todd, and we all benefit. Don’t even think twice about it. You strike me as a person with integrity and no one can seriously question that your reviews are honest. So, go ahead, and I will sign up.

  7. Hey Dean, You’re awesome and your videos are awesome! Watching one of your videos, whether it’s a review or a vlog or bloopers, feels more like sitting down for a chat with an old friend than watching an advertisement for a shiny something I probably don’t really need. Keep that dynamic going and it really doesn’t matter to me which platform you use to get paid. I will gladly sign up for a small monthly donation to help an old friend or use paypal or go fund me or whatever else works well for you. My only concern with it would be feeling that you receive most of the money I send versus youtube or anyone else getting 30% or more of it. If you feel that Patreon is the best way for you, then I will select whatever level of support I feel I can afford and be happy to continue watching the videos just like you do them now. I don’t need a turtleneck at Christmas or an autographed photocopy of Mr. Todd’s cheeks to justify spending that money. I am happy to participate in your raffles because I feel that my money is going to fund something of value, supporting your channel feels the same way to me. I believe you and your channel add value to the vaping community and I am more than happy to do what I can to support that.

    Bottom Line: You tell me what works best for you and gets you the most return for your time and efforts, then it’s up to me whether I am willing or able to use that platform and support the content I so enjoy.

  8. I’d say to go for it. Especially in your situation. I believe the vast majority of your subscribers would be down with donating to keep the channel strong and going!

  9. Hi, thank you for being so honest about how you are feeling. The fact that this is weighing heavily on your mind is testament to how much you care about those that subscribe to your channel. I subscribe to a range of channels and I’m seeing a real split in how they are delivered. On one hand there’s those that are falling into the category of having adverts in them and those that are being excluded from any advertising. The ones with adverts are really starting to irritate me by the number of adverts being included. It seems to have gone from one advert at the start of the video to now having them every couple of minutes. The other videos are the ones that are now having to question how they can continue due to the lack of revenue that is so obviously needed. I firmly believe that channels like yours are offering a valuable service to not only the subscribers but to the industry as a whole. The time, skill, knowledge, commitment all adds up to running a business. We still seem to harbour a stigma to those that work from home, somehow we view this as not “proper” work. I definitely consider you to be a service provider and as such you should be paid for that service. Looking at the options you have and seeing how other channels are trying to maintain their content delivery I’d say that Patreon is the way to go. It allows the subscribers to offer what they decide, it is not influenced by big advertising and it allows you to have control of what revenue it brings in. Given the alternatives I know which I’d prefer.

  10. I think you should give Patreon a go, you do a lot of work to get your content out and it’s always good, you deserve to get something back particularly as you can’t work also equipment needed, cameras, computer stuff is not cheap.

  11. Great post Dean, and I completely respect and whole heartedly applause the honesty and integrity of asking your loyal viewers what there thoughts are on this.

    So many digital platforms on which we all consume, participate and view content make fortunes from the advertising they place. Whilst increasingly those who give up their time produce the content make little or nothing. As you say, the gatekeepers act increasingly patriarchal and limit the recompense available to creators, whilst contouring to syphon off the cash for others. About 90% of all ad revenue on the planet now goes to google and Facebook.

    I think the idea of you asking for voluntary and modest contribution for what is hours of of quality viewing each week is totally just and fair. We all these days are prepared to subscribe to services that provide us with the delights we want, from TV to music. Technologically I have always liked the metered approach, but you are one guy and this would be impractical.

    So for myself I would say I would more than happy to contribute via patreon so you could continue to produce your awesome blogs and reviews. I know there are thousands of us out there who deeply value the contribution you make to our vaping lives. You also make us think and laugh.

    Personally I would also urge you to consider taking the help offered by the state to support you because of the challenges to your health. I willingly and with joy pay my bit so others who are facing the challenges of life can enjoy as richer and rewarding life themselves. You contribute so much to all of us, and deserve that to be reciprocated.

    Thanks for all you have done and continue to do


  12. Hi Dean,
    I think the idea of asking people is spontaneous and shows that you care about your community. But at the end of the day, it’s a decision that you should make on your own. Do you want (I mean for real) to make a living out of it? Looking at the way you make your videos and the fun you seem to have, i’m quite sure you do. That’s your answer.
    By doing so, you’ll loose a few subscribers, you already know it, that’s the way it is in vaping. Some people will not follow you, or even will stop following you if you have a patreon. But some people already don’t follow you because they don’t find your videos interesting for them, that’s just another item in the subscribe or not check list.
    On the other hand, you’ll have the motivation, the time and the ressources to make more and better videos, which is very likely to increase your audience and for the very least compensate for the unsubsribers.
    Now the most important question is how many people will join your patreon, in other words will it be worth it and will it be enough? There is only one way to know… and that’s by trying it. It’s a business launching, you know for sure how the market follows you when you start selling.
    Personnaly, I think it’s a good idea and that there is noting wrong about it, reviewing can be a job and can remain objective and honest with money involved. Especialy when it’s subscribers that pay you, not manufacturers! Those who think otherwise will unsubscribe, but should you manage your chanel and, in this case, your personal life and job, for those you don’t share your point of view and life project?
    Another way of seeing it, by not doing it you loose the money you’d earn to please a couple of people who think you must do it for free. They don’t give you the choice, you must not. You don’t force anyone to pay with patreon or teepee. People who don’t want to pay just won’t. Should you not do it for a couple of guys who allow themselves to forbid you to do it by threatening you to unsibscribe if you do? Are they worth it, and are their subscription worth the money you’d earn honestly with your work? Work you do already for free and you’d continue to do for free just to please these guys? hmmm…
    Cheers from France! 🙂

  13. Should you really be asking if you should be doing the hard work you do to bring people great and honest reviews along with the vlog with or without getting an small income for it.
    Or should the question be would we work for free putting in the hours that you do.
    I think you should do it everyone is entitled to earn.
    Or if you are still not sure maybe look at a sponsor from someone like coil master who’s products you openly use but don’t review or there is always the juice company’s again something you don’t review but still ties in with vaping.

    For what it’s worth I will support what ever you decide to do.
    Keep up the good work fella

  14. what reviewers do ..well some i know of the likes of “DJLsb Vapes” charges 200-250 per review if a company wants a review out there fast , or said product just joins the end of line and gets reviewed when he gets round to it .But it never tants his review
    I know you hate tanks and think other people do a better job then you could at reviews but i feel sure your audience would grow if you did , i my self dont watch your reviews based on the info about the product its based on the man giving the info (you) and the entertainment and charisma/presence on screen

    as for ways to make money , which to try ?
    Try them all my friend keep a eye on it and check feed back see what works and what dosnt for you

    as for income from HM government ….dude !! you payed/contributed in to the system now its your turn to let the system work for you THATS why you payed ,id take a hard long look at this one i really would

  15. Imho, patreon is bad.
    I see many channels going that way, but imho it’s like dividing us viewers in category A (patrons) and category B (everybody else).
    Furthermore the many channels going with patreon are often advertising it, and (maybe it’s just me ok? This is just my impression) by doing that it always seems to me like something close to begging.
    I’m sorry if I sound harsh… It’s my honest opinion, and just my opinion.
    Furthermore patreon is a monthly subscription, and I just hate recurring payments.
    I just prefer to donate if and when i feel to, using youtube’s superchat

    I truly enjoy your channel, and your reviews and vlog, so I hope it will stay as it is 🙂

    You rock, man!

  16. Hi Dean, I am watching less vaping videos than I used to and flit between hobbies constantly on YouTube but still come back to some vlogs etc about vaping, tending to like longer format rambly nonsense over reviews. I don’t pay into partreon for any content but that doesn’t mean I don’t support it, I think you should be rewarded for your content and if YouTube continues to dial back add revenue for “unsuitable content” then all content makers should go down this route.
    I can’t see any reasonable person being offended by going down the partreon route after all we don’t need to pay to watch your content but we can choose to pay for extra content if we wish to, no harm in that.
    Hope you stay healthy fella and all the best to you. 🙂

  17. Hi Vaping Biker.
    I’m not up to speed with the way Youtube works for making a realistic living but as for Patreon, I watch quite a few science channels on Youtube and some of these are associated with Patreon. As a ‘standard’ consumer I don’t feel that it detracts from the channels at all and I still enjoy them. I don’t have an opinion about the content providers for using Patreon either. As far as I would be concerned I would go for it because the content people want to see will still be available and it would give people an opportunity to support what you are doing without rattling a virtual collection tin in their faces. GoFundMe tends to be a bit one-off as they usually have targets and percentage achieved indicators whereas Patreon would give you a regular income even if it was small to start with.

  18. After reading your post and watching your vlog the other day, this is what I came to:

    The ever evolving Youtube landscape, especially with the demonetizing that some channels are starting to have to cope with is a very unfortunate thing. This is not simply for vape reviewers but other channels as well that I routinely watch. Every time I can catch a vlog of yours, I make an effort to pitch in some to support your channel. That’s because I truly believe that your channel is helping myself and others make the switch from the cancer sticks, and moreover, keeping the community vibrant and intact. If you decide to do Patreon (I had to look this up this morning but I get the gist of it), I will be onboard with that. I think you mentioned that you will be able to keep posting YT vids as well, and that would be great for those that aren’t as capable of making commitments for pitching in via Patreon, as well as gaining access to a greater audience for you.

    I am generally more laid back than many regarding sponsored videos, but when a video/reviewer is so overtly sponsored by some companies (I am not going to name any reviewers, but you know who I’m talking about), I lose faith in their reviews’ integrity. So that isn’t really an option that I’m too comfortable with.

    At the end of the day, I think you will make the right choice for yourself, and please keep us posted, so that we can keep supporting you, your channel and the greater vape community.

    Keep it up Dean, you’re good stuff.


  19. I honestly thought that most “professional” reviewers were making money in some way doing what they do, if you’re not then you shouldn’t be ashamed to try earning a living from it. I’ve only started watching your vids recently but you’re up there with my other favs. and you’re a Brit too so that’s nice lol.

  20. I think you should do it. Nobody has to donate, do its not forced upon anybody. With YouTube changing its advertising, many are now using patreon and I think most understand this.
    I do feel a bit strange about the different levels of patron, but again most are doing it.
    I will continue to watch and donate a small amount- times are tough for us all 🙂
    Good luck!

  21. Many people want to support their YouTube favourites. GrimmGreen, DJlsb Vapes, as well as other types of channels like Philip DeFranco, have viewer supported channels. I don’t doubt their integrity because of it. I have not noticed anyone else doubting their integrity because of viewer support.
    Just do it.

  22. I think that any genre is fine for Patreon. It’s all about what the viewer wants. I like having a wide range of choices. Call me crazy but I’m not into Patreon for early access or exclusive content. Patreon simply makes it easy for me to support things/people that I like.

    Rather than gush over your attributes (there are many) I will say this:
    You excel at what you do.
    Your time, effort and expertise has value.
    You deserve something in return.
    I would be proud to be one of your patrons.

  23. Personally, I like the idea of patreon. I support a couple of others already and if finances would I would add more. You have many dedicated subscribers that enjoy your videos, live streams and blogs. I am positive many would agree it is well worth the investment of a $£€ to help keep things going along.

  24. I’d definitely support your use of Patreon. Pride should not come into it, this is your job essentially and you deserve some reward for doing it. We have Virgin Media at home, we pay for Netflix and Nowtv every month so that we can watch the content we want to watch, your channel is no different and I’d happily send some cash your way if it enables you to continue providing a service that I enjoy. Your reviews and opinions I have come to trust and you’ve saved me a lot of trial and error and a tonne of cash over the years too.

  25. Bro, as a fellow reviewer and fellow old schooler I thought I’d weigh in on this for perspective. Let me start by saying that I never understood what people have against making money. I was raised to know that if you work hard it pays off. Call what we do what you want but it’s work, it’s hard work. I spend hours upon hours away from my family to do what we do as I am sure you do as well. At some point along the way this has evolved into a business, there is no 2 ways about it. Sure it started as a hobby but it grows way past that as I am sure you understand. Let me ask you a question. Do you think it’s fair that these big Chinese vape companies should get free marketing? We do all of the work while they reap the benefits. Because that is what it is. It cost them next to nothing to send out some products off of the assembly line and you are right, these products don’t pay the bills and to be honest the last thing we need is more product as I’m sure you can atteat. My point here is that you should be paid for your work and if you have “fans” who are willing to support you than why not let them? Especially with Patreon because it allows you to give something back in return, something exclusive. Make money to support your family when you can just don’t lose your integrity while doing it. As a former Marine and current fire fighter integrity is the most important attribute that one can have and I instil it into my daughter. There are plenty of ways to make honest money in what we do without compromising your integrity. There will always be nay sayers, this is the internet after all but as long as you know who you are and those who support you know who you are, you should never question yourself if you are making an honest living by getting paid for your hard work. If a reviewer receives a sponsorship or is paid to give an early review is it wrong if you are still honest about the product? As long as they know that they are getting an honest review and not a commercial or advert there should be no issue. I’m starting to be redundant so I’ll end here because I am sure at this point you understand where I stand on this issue. If you’d ever like to talk person to person I’d be happy to.

    1. Author

      Thanks brother, great to hear a perspective of someone in the industry, that also has a similar size channel to mine. I really appreciate the input. 🙂

  26. Do you deserve to be financially rewarded for the time it takes to produce the content that entertains and informs me and many others, absolutely yes. What the answer is though I am not sure. I do know that I am not a fan of the Patreon idea not that I would blame you if you go down that route. The more content providers that go down the Patreon route the more expensive it becomes to fully subscribe to their content and selfishly I would prefer to use the money for vape gear. I am also not sure with some of the current vape reviewers that you get value for money from your Patreon subscription as you get to see the normal videos and then get the extras as a Patreon member which often don’t seem to add up to much. That maybe ok for some people who just want to give money to support their favourite reviewers which is fair enough. I also don’t like the idea of being tied to a monthly subscription maybe that’s just me. How you decide how much to charge and how many bands you have and what that gives people would be tough. The Super Chat thing would be great if YouTube didn’t take such a huge cut and obviously not a reliable source of income. What I would prefer and this may not be what will work best for you is something like a go fund me where it would be a one off payment or maybe give out an email address we could pay into via PayPal as and when we want to but again not necessarily a reliable source of income. The other thing to think about is the fact there are lots of other reviewers who do not charge for content and would you loose subscribers if you charged for some or all of the content. At the end of the day only can decide and I hope what ever you decide I will still be able to watch your reviews but if not I won’t hold it against you 😉

    1. Author

      Thanks Garethvape, one thing that I can absolutely assure you of, is that Patreon would not have any negative affect on my YouTube content, one thing that I would be absolutely against is a ‘pay to play’ mentality when it comes to reviews, which after all are the reason I have a channel.
      Extra content could be behind the scenes, one to one stuff, access to some of the raffle gear, but still leaving some good stuff for the main channel (that’s where I can raise the most money for charity) etc. The reviews though, they will always be there.

  27. I have several YouTube vaping reviewers I follow and I watch all of their videos. You are one of them. I don’t contribute to any that have patreon. I have thought about it, but just haven’t made the commitment yet. However, speaking as your #1 4%er, if you start a patreon, I will make that commitment to you. It might not be a lot, but it will be a little to help out. I think you are a truly a stand up guy. I totally understand being very proud and old fashioned. I am too. That being said, can I be the Queen of the 4%? LOL — just kidding. So, I say Go For It!!!!

  28. I’ll turn your proud and independent stance back on you if I may – in a nice way I hope. I feel the same in my life and I don’t expect something for nothing. So I pay my TV licence, I pay for Sky TV and so on. YouTube content creators pretty much provide the same service, so why should I baulk at contributing to fund them? At least the ones I watch and enjoy regularly, that means you by the way.
    So, yes I think Patreon would be a good idea, I’d certainly be happy to contribute a small amount monthly. I can understand your reservations, but if you think of it as a small recompense for the entertainment you provide….. why not.

  29. Patreon is not to bad an idea. Your work is definently worth the £ . My only problem is, if i start supporting people on Patreon, where do i stop. There are so many people i would love to support.
    Fixed rated payments is not good imo. it feels like taxes 🙂 but saying that its like netflix and HBO, so maybe ok.
    Doing cool stuff like selling limited gear on your site, with a price that gives you money in the pocket is a good idea.
    Perhaps even putting an (if you want to) donation section on the site.

    Just my thoughts..

    Love your work and keep going, Sir Dean

    Kind Regards
    Mikkel Dige Jensen

  30. I think the Patreon is an excellent idea. The way I see it, it’s like American television/cable. I’m not sure how it works for rest of the world, but allow me to explain… In the States, you get free access to the basic channels, roughly 4 or 5. You can pay a smallish amount for basic cable, roughly a dozen channels. The next step is extended basic, a higher price, but nearly 80 channels!! There are options beyond those with varying channel numbers and varying pricing options. I explained all that jazz to say that your followers can, at their option, upgrade their experience with you. You should receive something for all the time and effort you put into your channel. Sorry to have been so long winded…
    Cheers mate,

  31. When you were discussing this on your Vlog I made the comment that some people will moan no matter what you do, and I stand by that.
    I have no particular problem with Youtubers and Patreon, I think it is a matter of personal choice what people spend their money on and it’s also a choice if someone asks for money. I have always said that my first choice in supporting someone is to buy a product they have been involved in creating. If I trust the reviewer, I trust the product. I have bought a Recoil, I will buy a Recoil Rebel, I have some of Bogans Cola e-liquid and so on. But times are changing and I accept that.
    I do think some of the reviewers are, shall we say, optimistic in the levels of support they ask for. £10-£20 a month for a bit of extra content? Let me just cancel my £8 a month Netflix subscription to pay for that so I can enjoy two extra videos and the chance of a giveaway. I suppose though that if someone wants to pay it, that’s ok. There are a few reviewers that I would support via Patreon, I wouldn’t break the bank, but I think if enough people contributed a bit, it would make up for what YouTube has reduced in the past few months.

  32. Personally I don’t see any problem with Patreon,It’s a great way to stay independent and there aren’t much other alternatives. I know Minds are rolling out a similar support feature any minute now so then there will be 2 alternatives. And you can set up the tiers like you want it,and you don’t have to put like any ridiculous top tier level. Just having tiers where the rewards can be simple like for example,The $5 – $10 tier and up get access to a monthly quick chat with you on Discord,Zoom etc (not with each person,but more like a supporter hangout). And the Higher tiers can for instance be mentioned in the end of your vlogs. These are just some suggestions. But to answer your question there is NOTHING wrong with having a patreon account,people who say otherwise are just jealous that other people actually are doing something with their life and people like watching it. Don’t listen to the negativity. Those people are not real supporters anyway if they say stuff like that. This is just an OPTION for people that WANT to throw you a few bucks every month (or once in while) for all the work and entertaining you do. People support folks that play video games the same way. The world have just been so full of negativity the last year and a half,that it seem they just cant stand to see other people being successful. Well that turned out to a little ran’t didn’t it 😉 So how’s the weather over in Britain :p

  33. Time is money at the end of the day. When we ordinary viewers and consumers have to work to pay the bills it is because we value our time and want to be compensated for the time we invest into our work. It allows us to buy nice things too.

    The same it true for yourself Dean. A lot of people just don’t understand quite how much time and investment it takes to build up a Youtube channel. A one hour video takes that initial hour to record, plus surplus takes etc, perhaps another 3 hours to edit, and up to an hour to render the video. That’s even without considering testing the products and taking notes etc.

    If you value your time, and I am sure you do, you deserve to have an income stream. Patreon and other such things seems a very good way to supplement the Youtube revenue stream. It means that those who care for and appreciate your content get to support it directly.

  34. Personally I think if your putting in the work then yes you deserve a little back also as a Thank you from the people that follow You,I get a good a good giggle and a lot of good info from your vlogs and reviews ,so I for one would support a Patreon.

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