Let’s Review: Wick Liquor’s Boulevardboulevard-resize

Now anyone who knows me will know that Boulevard is a juice that makes me grin like a kid! I can’t help it I love it that much. Every time I open a bottle I am hit with the lovely sweet smell of blackcurrant.

I know that Wick Liquor is starting to become a household name amongst vapers, but I still can’t help but spread the love. They keep their profile simple with a current line of just 4 flavours and their juices are fantastically clean. They may come across sweet but there is no gunking on these coils!!!

So Boulevard.
The flavour profile says it’s a Mardi gras fruit punch and fortified loganberry pulp. I can’t say that I know exactly what loganberry tastes like. So I am going to tell you what I can taste and then investigate the loganberry afterwards.

My first trial is going to be on Nobu Naga low profile dripper with a build deck consisting of duel 26 gauge coils each with 11 wraps. They are showing 0.75 Ohms and I will vape these at 20 watts.

  • Ok, so on the inhale I can taste the natural sweetness of the fruit. A blackcurrant flavour hits on the inhale and peaks just before the exhale. During the exhale and with the aftertaste I get the torte of raspberry. At 20 watts, for me personally, I want more flavour. I have to vape with a tighter airflow and harder than I’d normally vape in order to get the Boulevard yumminess.

Second test is the Troll V2 dripper with a build of duel 26 gauge coils, 4 wraps, 0.3 Ohms and I will vape at 70 watts.

  • Now this one punched me in the throat LOL. But then again I normally vape at 45 watts. But after an airflow adjustment I got the flavour I wanted. Everything was much stronger but I also found another fruit hiding underneath which I have not noticed before. I can’t pin point the exact fruit but it is a citrus zing and it is coming through on the exhale. The combination of torte, sour and the punch of blackcurrant compliment each other perfectly. With such strong flavour profile I think I will keep Boulevard around the 45/50 watt mark. I did find that sweetness works really well at higher wattage because it manages to retain the flavour nicely.

Now to Google… What is loganberry.


Wick Liquor provide Boulevard in two sizes, 15 and 30 ml. The 15 ml offers strengths of 0, 1.5, 3 and 6 and costs £7. The 30ml comes in 0, 3 and 6 and goes for the bargain price of £13.

The other flavours are:mrs-vb-thumbnail

Contra: Sicilian vine citrus and Porta Fortuna fruit compote.

Carnival: Santa Monica glazed dough rings and Cholo sugar skull cake

Deja Voodoo: Santa Barbara coconut husk and Chula Vista sugar cane (which the husband adores)

Why not check them out for yourselves…   www.wickliquor.com

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy Wick Liquor in the future, and if you don’t, It wasn’t me!



  1. Boulevard is hands down my favourite liquid and there aren’t many premium juices i haven’t tried. in my Herekles pro with 0.3 316L coils it tastes just like a strong Ribena to me.
    Currently vaping Carnival and it’s amazingly complex and sweet. The glazing aftertaste is so yummy you’ll end up vaping til you’re dizzy.

  2. Oh no…why am I a meany V V V …I do have a face for radio…but…

  3. Great review…I’m sticking WL on my hit list for a full range workout

  4. Finally we are getting perspective from the other half of the VB family. Looking forward to some videos from Mrs. VB, especially if you can do them together!

  5. Great review Mrs B. Having never tried wick liquors range, think I’m going to get some soon.


  6. Super-duper review Mrs VB , looking forward to more great reviews like this! ☺️

  7. good review mrs b and keep up the good work.

  8. At least someone in the family has taste buds!!

  9. Great review sounds like something I’m gonna have to give a go look forward to your next review. Thanks Mrs. VB

  10. Well has to be said, you are so much better at juice reviews than that other Biker person 😀

    Great write up Mrs VB


  11. nice review mrs i do like some of wick liquor juices

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