Welcome back! Today I am going to review an eliquid range by Mirage.

Some history about them; they are based in Sheffield, they have grown from a one man band into one of the largest vaping retailers in the country, even manufacturing their own brand of E-Liquid from their own dedicated laboratories and distribution centre.

What I am going to do with this review is have the setup of a 7 dual wrapped (parallel) single coil, 0.5 ohm @ 70 watts. The setup I have used is the Asmodus Colossal Mod with the Wasp Nano RDA again… Still loving them. I will then to vape them at varing temps for a couple of weeks afterwards and will add this info after each section.

This collection of eliquid is the Frusion range. I have five flavours to go through and all have a 20vg/80pg mix. They are Frusion Kiberry, Frusion Pop, Frusion Chews, Frusion Melba and Frusion Jellies. They came in a 60ml bottle, 0mg, with 10ml spare for an 18mg nicotine shot to achieve the 3mg/0.3mg strength. One the Mirage website you can purchase TPD compliant 10ml bottles for £5.95. www.mirage.co.uk

On that note, let’s get vaping…


Picture taken from Mirage website Click to enlarge

Kiberry – On opening the bottle I am getting a smell of strawberries and raspberries, possibly apples and, I believe, kiwi fruit. On the inhale I am reminded of how much I enjoyed this flavour. There is a lovely sweetness to it as it rolls over the tongue. When the flavour hits it is silky and yet strong. I definitely get the kiwi flavour to start and the berries come through as an undertone. I feel like I am vaping on Haribo’s strawberry pencils. I have the same sweetness on the exhale and am left with the ever-present taste of the berries and this time the kiwi comes in at the end! This flavour is going to be a favourite of mine! The Mirage menu says this is a fusion of red berries and kiwi and that’s what you get!

A few days later:- Still loving the flavour. I have been vaping this between 40 and 50 watts and the profile has not changed.




Picture taken from Mirage website
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Pop – When I opened the bottle I am confident I have the scent of a raspberry lemonade and smells very sweet. On the inhale it is sweet to the back of the mouth but I am also getting the sensation of sherbet on the tongue. Odd but I like it! After the inhale I am in a world of lemonade and loving it. It is not harsh on the throat, has just the right level of sweetness and the flavour is outstanding. I have to say this is a very good likeness to a pink Lemonade. There is not much of an aftertaste but I do get a very subtle red fruity/berry flavour. Mirage menu states Raspberry with Citrus Soda. Nailed it!

A few days later: – I find that this flavour does work better at the higher watts. I personally struggled to vape this all day because of the ‘sweetness’. HOWEVER, I am still loving it and have found myself having a break from it for only 1-2hrs before I was back on it again. Considering how sweet this is I did NOT have to change my coils or wick. Everything was perfectly clean.




Picture taken from Mirage website Click to enlarge

Chews – The smell of the liquid suggests Refresher sweets. It’s nice and sweet over the tongue and the minute you finish the inhale the flavour is there and waiting. I am finding the taste is definitely like old school sweets. It’s like a Refresher and some Love Hearts hooked up and this is its cub. Odd I know, but it works really nicely. After taste leaves me with feeling that I have just eaten fizzy sweets. Mirage menu states Fizzy fruit chews.

A few days later: Still loving the flavour. I have been vaping this between 40 and 50 watts and the profile has not changed. Great all day vape and my setup stayed clean.




Frusion melba
Picture taken from Mirage website
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Frusion Melba – Opening this bottle I was reminded of opening somethings that’s a cross between a peach melba yogurt and peach ring sweets. Over the tongue I get a subtle sweetness, nothing too strong which is surprising considering the aroma of it. OMG I love this. Peaches, peaches and more peaches. Not so much a yogurt taste that I could smell but it absolutely tastes like the peach rings (in my opinion). I love that it’s not over powering. I am really enjoying this vape. No surprise with the aftertaste – PEACHES! Mirage menu says peach and passionfruit punch. I know I didn’t discover the passionfruit, but that could be down to it being at such a fragile level that my abused taste buds can’t detect. Either way, I adore this flavour.

A few days later: Still in love. The minimum I would vape it at would be 40 watts. Anything lower didn’t seem to do the juice justice. I would force myself to take a break from it just so when I came back to it I could enjoy that initial wow all over again.




Final Thoughts

I really like this range. Mirage have created great flavours. I have been vaping these juices for a couple of weeks now and I am amazed with how clean these juices are considering how sweet they seem. Hats off Mirage, great job!!


Editors Notes:

The flavours were given not for the purposes of review but to try them out, thanks to Mirage for allowing us to try this range, and we look forward to seeing them again very soon. Mirage may well be at Vaper Expo in the UK this coming weekend, so go and check them out, if not, their website is https://www.mirage.co.uk/

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