Hello all. Here we go again with another review of some of the juices I received in my March box.

What I have done for this one is pick out some of flavours which stood out and, because the juices where similar to each other in this box, are different from one another.

As always this review features 30ml bottles at 3mg nicotine. I will try these juices on my Basium Squonker at 50 watts and the Recurve RDA with full airflow (12 holes but still a restricted direct lung). Each flavour will be vaped for a minimum of 24 hours and I will be checking my coil afterwards and replacing my wick before trying a new flavour. The winners for this review are:

  1. Happy Hour by Vape Craft Inc The Classic Line
  2. Nothing but Ice by Mod Vape
  3. Terrasphere by Space Jam
  4. Wild Berry Ice by Gorilla Fruits

Let’s jump right in shall we?

Vape Craft Inc: Happy Hour – Cactus Cooler Soda

I have to admit when I saw the flavour profile I was intrigued and quite excited to try it. I am a sucker for a flavour that’s a little different. The smell is fruity and sweet and you can pinpoint the cactus nicely. Now to vape.

Initially you can get that typical dry cactus flavour which is lovely and as that passes you start to get the taste of a very smooth pineapple and orange blend. This is delicious juice and the fruit flavour sticks with you after vaping. The balance of the flavours work very well and it’s a great spin on a cactus vape which could have gone horribly wrong.

PROS: Great flavour and is unlike most out there. Easy to vape and is a good all day vape. Normal usage on my coils, not a killer.

CONS: To be to to honest I don’t really have any.

VERDICT: Love it. Want more of it. Hope I can get it over here.

Nothing but Ice – Pure Menthol

Now when I read this flavour profile I was concerned about it. Only because some menthols and cooladas have been known to irritate my throat. But I do like to try ‘different’ flavours so let’s do this.

On opening the bottle I smell nothing major. A tiny bit minty but it’s very weak.

COOL. That’s what I get in the inhale. No flavour just a cooling effect around my tongue. Exhaling is cool but this is where I am getting a Great mixture of minty flavours coming through. It tastes like I have been sucking on a mint whilst brushing my teeth and then swilling it out with mouthwash. It sounds terrible but I really like it. Now I did have to turn my wattage down to 40 watts and restrict the air flow slightly but I am genuinely enjoying this juice without it having a boxing match with my throat. I would love to vape this if I was feeling stuffy in the nose as it cleared by airways nicely. Not much of an aftertaste after such a strong flavour but I don’t mind.

PROS: Great flavour. Good balance of the mint flavour without it being overpowering. Clean juice, not a coil killer.

CONS: Not really a big con but I think you would have to play around with wattage settings and airflow to really make the most of this flavour.

VERDICT: Like it. Would happily vape this again.

Terrasphere – Lemon and Cherry

Now oddly this flavour smells a bit floral. Not what I was expecting.

Nothing special about the inhale just a little bit sweet. When the flavour kicks in it’s gentle. It’s an even mix of a non sour cherry and a non bitter lemon. It’s strange but pleasant. I am also noticing that the sweetness doesn’t come in until the end. So rather than being left with a fruit flavour I am left with a non-sickly sugary taste. What’s even stranger still, at about the one minute mark after vaping, I have a floral flavour lingering about. 🤔

Wild Berry Ice – Icy wild berries

So this is exactly what it says on the tin, apparently.

As soon as I opened the bottle a wonderful aroma of sweet berries filled my nostrils. This smells amazing and I am eager to try it.

Slight cooling effect over the tongue to the back of my throat when inhaling. That will be the menthol. Then this burst of berries hit ya. The berry flavour is strong but lovely at the same time. The best way I feel to describe this is if I took the best flavour from strawberries, raspberries, blueberries etc, mix them all together and sprinkle with sugar, this is what I’d get. I love it. Cool to start and then POW.

PROS: The blend of and contrast of flavours is awesome. It’s strong and juicy. Not a major coil killer but it made them a bit mucky.

CONS: bit of an odd one but the packaging is eye catching and bright like the flavour but it seems very child like. What I mean is that it feels like it’s something that would be seen on a kiddies book.

VERDICT: Honestly love this flavour. I am a fruit fan anyway but I think this going to be one that sticks with me. I am eager to find out if I can get it in the UK, if not I may have to stick this in my next Zamplebox.

What about getting these juices in the UK?

That looks like a no for the moment. I’ve tried different phrases and searches on Google with no joy.

Fingers crossed they make it to the UK sometime soon.

That’s it for this one but I’ve got another one on the way so stay tuned for another review from zamplebox.

Catch you later.

Thanks to Zamplebox for sending these over to check out, if you want to find out more or try your own box, go to www.zamplebox.com

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