The Govad RTA by Vandy Vape

Is good enough, good enough?


I came away from Vapefest 2017 with a bag of goodies from Mr Biker. He has entrusted me once again with four new items for me to inform you all about, and hopefully entertain you along the way. What did I receive? I don’t like to spoil the surprise, but let us start roughly where I left off in my second to last review (I’m trying to forget about the VooPoo Drag) A single coil RTA that is designed to ‘Chuck Tits’ as Mr Trippers would say, The Govad RTA from Vandy Vapes.


Now the first question I asked myself when I saw this RTA was “What the bloody hell is a Govad?” It sounds, to me at least, a bit rude. I’m old enough to remember reading Viz and there was a character in that with a similar sounding name (Remember him? He had to carry a certain part of his anatomy in a wheelbarrow as they were unfeasibly large) It’s similar to Busters second name, but not the same, I resorted to the internet to find out.

A Govad is:


“Persian Mythology. Means “wind” in Persian. This was the name of a Yazata (or angel) associated with the wind in Zoroastrianism.”


There you go, never say you don’t learn anything from reading my reviews, remember it, you never know when that will come up in a pub quiz. I have no idea where Zoroastrianism is, my Sat Nav cannot find it so good luck asking for directions.

Let’s have a look then at what you get if you decide to buy a Govad RTA from Vandy Vapes.


What’s in the box?


Govad RTA box
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Govad RTA
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The box itself is a standard affair from Vandy Vapes, a slide out arrangement that presents you with your purchase. The packaging on my one is one of the sample packs, it informs you of this in the place usually reserved for the pointless warning of the horrors of nicotine. One thing that did stand out for me was a further warning on the back of the box. This one told me to keep the item away from children, which is fair enough, animals, which I find a bit funny as my cats are very high end in their vape set ups and favour MTL. The last part of this warning tells me to keep it away from non smokers. Is it me, or is that instruction just a load of bollocks? I would never advise someone to either smoke or vape, but if they want to, don’t they have the right to make that decision? I know vape shops were criticised recently for selling goods to non smokers, but if an adult walks into a vape shop and asks to purchase something, what is the person in there supposed to do? Tell them to go to the newsagents for a pack of cigarettes? Answers on a postcard I suppose.

Back to Govad, the RTA sits top centre in the box and is adequately cushioned from knocks and drops. On this layer you also receive a spare glass for the tank and a delrin drip tip that is a different design to the one on the atomiser



Govad RTA Spares
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Underneath this layer you receive a bag that has a 510 drip tip adaptor, blue screwdriver, screws, springs and some O-rings that are multi-coloured. I think Vandy Vapes are offering you the opportunity to make your Govad look as awful as possible.

Something you do not get with the RTA is a pre-built coil. Virtually every atomiser I have been sent to review, or bought myself, has come with a coil/coils to get you started. Wotofo have a habit of sending you three with every dual coil RDA/RTA, which always leaves me thinking “Why three? Why not two or four?” Apart from the oddness of Wotofo I was surprised not to get a coil to try in the Govad. I am aware that I have a sample and you may well get one if you purchase it.





The Govad RTA


The Govad is a single coil RTA that is 24mm at the base, it broadens out to 26mm once you move up past the air flow control and finishes at the top with a Goon/Kennedy drip tip in Ultem. I have the stainless steel version, it is also available in black, rainbow and gold. I’m not criticising any of these colour choices like I have in the past and it has nothing to do with me purchasing a RDA in gold the other day. No, nothing hypocritical going on here.

Govad RTA
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The thing you do notice, if you live in the UK, is the lump of black delrin that is located in the tank, just above the build deck. This is Vandy Vapes attempt to make the Govad TRPR compliant and will reduce the capacity from 4ml to 2ml. This strikes me as a cheaper way of doing things rather than the ‘two different sized glass and chimney extender’ route that other manufacturers have chosen. Will it work? Have to ask a trading standard person for that answer, it will be interesting to see if any of these ideas are passed though. I did toy with the idea of keeping the delrin in place, do the whole review in a UK legal spec. then I realised I would be the only numpty in the whole of the British Isles doing that and so I removed it.


Govad RTA build deck
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The way the build deck is designed reminds me of the Serpent RDTA from Wotofo. It has bottom and side airflow (this tank has a LOT of airflow) and has two clamps for the legs of your coil. The similarity to the Serpent is that each of these clamps are secured by a single Phillips head screw. This puts a lot of strain onto the screws and you do feel like you are on the edge of stripping the screws when you try and get the clamps nice and tight onto your coil. The design does allow you freedom in which way you wrap your coils, if you’re an ‘under’ or ‘over’ wrapper, this will provide a hassle free install of your coil.

The Govad is a tall RTA that is approximately 53mm from base to the top of the drip tip, if your used to low profile RDA’s your muscle memory may result in you smashing yourself in the mouth when you try to vape the Govad, your hand just feels a long way away. It has a decent overall look and I think that is helped by the fact that it’s wider once you pass the airflow control. Be aware that those of us with more manly fingers (Not chubby or fat, manly) may struggle to adjust the airflow when the RTA is on your mod. Vandy Vapes want you to be in no doubt what the name of this RTA is, they have placed the name on the barrel covering the build deck in Germanic capitals shouting the name GOVAD at you when you see it.

The last point I would like to point out on how the Govad looks is that you are very restricted in your choice of drip tips. Don’t like ultem or the black delrin drip tip that comes with the Govad? Tough, deal with it. No other drip tip that I own from DHD or Goldenvapes will fit the Govad properly. Vandy Vapes have made the well that the drip tip sits in very shallow, this means that any other tip will sit with a gap that will be completely unacceptable if you’re a bit weird perfectionist like me.


How does it vape?


Govad rta wicking
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I put two different builds in the Govad during my time reviewing it. The first was a .24 stainless steel Alien type of thing that I ran between 60 and 70 watts. The second was a .4 kanthal Alien that was pleasant in the 45 watt range. With both of the builds I just tickled the cotton a bit and placed it in the juice wells. With both I didn’t get any dry hits and the flavour was ok, it didn’t knock my socks off, just ok, perfectly adequate. I found that with the airflow full open it was very, very airy, this did lessened (Editor’s note: is ‘lessened’ a word? LOL) the flavour though, it also produced a cumulonimbus that was reported on the BBC weather that evening. I generally used the Govad with the airflow half open (or half closed, depending on your outlook on life) This struck a good flavour/clouds balance that gave me a decent vape when I used it.

Throughout my use of the Govad I found it easy to build and wick, there was no drama at all and the flavour was there. I had none of the problems that can be found with many RTA’s, no dry hits, no pissing out a tankful of liquid when it felt like it. I am tempted to say that this would be a good RTA for someone who is just starting to build their own coils, it should provide a positive experience for them.


Pro’s & Cons


So what did I find good and bad about the Govad? Let’s start with the Cons:


Drip Tip – I am not a fan of Ultem, I like to personalise my vape gear and a good way of doing that is the drip tip. The fact that I cannot do that due to the design of the top cap is annoying. I will say to any manufacturer, not just Vandy Vapes, If you say it has a Goon sized drip tip, make sure you can use different ones in it. Otherwise, what’s the bloody point in making it compatible?

Govad RTA Build deck
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The Build Deck – No concerns with the actual deck, I found that simple and easy to use. I do not like the way you have to clamp down the coil, one Phillips head screw does not feel adequate, I always felt like I was about to strip the screw head.


Not a lot of negatives, lets see what I liked:


The ease of use – You put a coil in it, you wick it, it works. I never felt like I was about to try and vape a lung-full of fire. It never felt like it was about redecorate my mod with e-liquid. I appreciate that in a RTA.

Price – You can get this in the UK for £24.99 from a reputable vendor. That’s good value for a decent RTA.




Ever since I started using the Govad RTA there has been two words rattling around my head. Good enough.

It vapes ok, not amazing, just good enough. The flavour is ok, it doesn’t awaken taste buds that have laid dormant for years, it’s alright, good enough. The build quality is ok, it doesn’t feel flimsy or hewn from granite, just ok, good enough.

I think the Govad is better, on average, to the Geek Vape Ammit 25. It is more flavourful, in my experience, on most e-liquids. The Ammit feels better built, but the problems I had with it are well documented and I have no qualms recommending the Govad over the Ammit to any vaper, new or experienced. It sounds like I am damning it when I say it’s good enough. I am not, it just does not stand out as amazing to me. If it was the only thing I had to vape on, I would be satisfied, it would continue to stop me having a cigarette, and that’s the point of it really.

That’s my review of the Govad RTA from Vandy Vapes, it’s ok, just don’t expect this particular Persian Wind to knock you off your feet.


Thanks, as always, to Dean for the Govad to review,


Peace & Love

Ian Schwar


Editor’s note:

Thanks again for another great review from Ian!

Vandy Vape did send this on free to try out, if you want to check it out on their website, here’s the link:



  1. “Why three? Why not two or four?”

    Well, IMHO because at VV they think that pre-built coils are usually for beginners and there are good chances that a beginner will spoil one in the process?

    Why then not put 4 coils, then, just in case of a skilled or lucky beginner, allowing two sets?
    But because at VV we do sell atom, my boy, not coils…

  2. In an increasing sea of rta’s there’s an atty for everyone’s budget now it seems.
    This looks a solid atty for £25 to be fair, although one that’s more for the cloudier vaper.

  3. Thanks Ian you really are good at reviewing stuff and things. And your custard is very nice.

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