I have to Ammit, I’m a bit confused!

I received the Geek Vape Ammit 25 RTA from Dean and was filled with a mixture of excitement and dread. The excitement was due to the fact that I had a new RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomiser) to build and play with. The dread came because I had a new RTA to build and……er, play with. They can be tricky buggers, RTA’s. Too much wick? Welcome to ‘Dry Hit’ city, a place where breathing fire isn’t exclusive to the circus. Too little wick? You suddenly realise that 5ml of E-Liquid is not a tablespoonful, it’s a veritable lake, a lake that can form when you least expect it. You can be going about your business, pick up your mod and become aware of a wet feeling that gives a sense of doom. You look down to find rivers of random juice flowing freely over your mod, easing into the battery door and onto the buttons.

The worst I have ever experienced was with my first RTA, a Cleito with a RTA deck installed. I was on my way to work in the car, I went to take a toot, but decided to ‘purge’ it for some reason (I know the reason, I think it looks cool…….Don’t judge me) I can only describe the way I looked if you have ever seen the original Ghostbusters film, the bit where Bill Murray’s character gets ‘slimed.’ It went everywhere, including the windscreen, stereo, steering wheel and my work shirt, to this day there is still a faint whiff of Heisenberg in my car.

On the whole though, I really like RTA’s. I love that you can build your own coils (I love how cheap that is compared to buying them) I love that you can perfect your own way of vaping, narrow it down until you find something that suits you. And, generally, I love the flavour you get from them, my Cleito RTA sets a standard that I use to judge all other types of atomisers.

So I built the Ammit RTA for the first time with a real sense of trepidation, it can easily take four or five builds to get a RTA singing……..And to stop it from pissing itself. But I am getting ahead of myself, lets see what you get when you purchase the Ammit 25 RTA from Geek Vape.



Geekvape Ammit RTA
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What’s in the box?


I am not going to judge the packaging that my Ammit arrived in because it states on the front ‘Free Sample’ and is the kind that is sent out to reviewers. I doubt if the production box will be radically different from mine, just a few more warnings, social media links and verification codes. I doubt if it will have ‘Free Sample’ on it though, that would be marketing madness.

Inside you are presented with the Ammit 25 RTA sitting top, middle, for your vaping pleasure. It is packaged well and should be cushioned adequately from what its travels can throw at it. Underneath the tank you have a 5ml glass tank (we will come to that in a minute), a piece of metal that is a chimney extender and a second top cap that will enable you to use Goon/Kennedy drip tips. Beneath the protecting foam you also receive a small bag that includes spare screws, a multi tool and O-Rings. Apart from the smaller O-Rings you also receive two sets of different coloured ones so that you can change the look of your tank to match your mod, or mood I suppose.

I received the stainless steel version of the Ammit, there is also a black version (Nice) blue (Yeah, that works) and gold (“I ain’t getting on no plane fool”) I promise that is the last Mr.T reference to gold vape gear that I have.

Let’s return to the capacity option you have for this tank. The RTA you remove from the box has a, TRPR compliant, 2ml capacity. By simply removing the glass and fitting the chimney extender and spare glass you extend the tank to 5ml. Will this allow Geek Vape to sell the Ammit 25 RTA in the UK? Yes, because they only need to submit it for testing to sell it. Will they get approval in a few months time? That is a good question, I do not know is the short answer. If they don’t, I get the feeling that by that time Geek Vape will have sold the majority of the Ammit’s that they are likely to sell. Vaping seems to be a quickly evolving business. The vape community is bombarded by new, very shiny, products every week. Did you know that every 20 minutes a new Wotofo RDA is born? Did you also know that I am prone to lying to prove a point?

The point I am trying to make is that there are several different ways on the market to circumvent the TRPR 2ml capacity rule. It is not just Geek Vape that are trying the ‘put a different sized, spare glass and extender in the box’ option. There are other ways to try and bypass this rule, from enormous coils (Aspire) to just putting a lump of plastic (probably Delrin) around the chimney inside the tank (Vandy Vapes). We will see in the coming months if they are effective. The best thing to do, of course, would be to scrap it altogether. But that would require the government to see sense, and they are too busy trying to justify not giving public servants a pay rise (Oooh, a little bit of politics. I apologise)

*Editors note: Ian is correct regarding submitting of the product, there are many products that should not be allowable according to the rules – and the extension and glass includes this – however nobody is getting legal letters as yet. That being said, this size will probably be easier to buy from the land of the rising sun.


What’s it look like? Is it a quality product?


Geekvape Ammit 25 rta
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Geekvape Ammit 25 RTA
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Geek Vape have produced a good looker with this one. I am aware that looks can be very subjective, but I think the Ammit has all its lumps and bumps in the right places. The base appears to be 24mm in diameter, widening out to 25mm once you are past the air flow control. When you have the 2ml tank capacity it has a squat, solid look that gives a sense of purpose. If you decide to increase the capacity to 5ml it does not destroy the overall design. It manages to keep its purposeful look, unlike some of its rivals that suddenly take on the appearance of the London BT Tower when you extend them.

If you choose to use either of the top caps (510 or Goon sized) you keep a good sense of proportion. Be aware though, if you run the Goon type (810?) it still only has a 510 hole running up from the build deck. The wider drip tip only makes an aesthetic difference, it doesn’t change how much vapour you draw from the coil. One other thing is that although you get the wider top cap, you do not receive a drip tip for it, you have to use one of your own on it. I get the feeling Geek Vape used up a lot of the budget by including two different top caps instead of just a 510 adaptor.

As well as a good looking RTA, Geek Vape have also produced a well built one. The fit, finish, threads and knurling have a quality feel throughout. I particularly like the effect around the top when you remove the top cap, it has a crosshatch type of thing going on that pleases me. When you adjust the airflow it makes a subtle clicking noise that remind me of a watch and the juice-flow control is simple but works effectively.


The Build Deck


Geekvape Ammit 25 rta
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Geekvape Ammit 25 RTA
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Building the Ammit RTA is a simple affair. As you break the tank down you are left with the base section that contains the single coil deck, the posts are either side to allow you to position your coil in the centre, with the wicks going into two wells that control the juice. I like how they have gone about clamping in your coils. On one side you have a standard type of hole that will easily accommodate wire of most sizes. You put your coil through this, on the other side the hole only has three sides, so your coil just slips in without having to bend it or struggle to get it right. Once you tighten down the flat head screws all you have to do is clip the excess off your coils, you have to be very accurate in doing this. There is very little clearance between where you cut your coil, and the metal dome that will cover the build deck in the tank. I think it would be easy to short your RTA if you leave too much of your coil uncut.

The build deck is accessible without emptying the tank. You simply turn the Ammit upside down, hold it by the glass and unscrew the bottom. This will allow you to re-wick or change the coil without losing a tankful of e-liquid. This particular feature came in handy as we will see in the next section.


How I built it, how it vapes, how I went on an adventure to find the flavour.


I said this at the start of this review, but I am going to say it again……RTA’s can be tricky buggers. I currently run two Cleito’s with RTA decks, a Sigelei Moonshot and a Wotofo Troll. With all of them it took a few builds to get it right. Whether they were pissing liquid all over the place, drying up like the Sahara in a heatwave or just lacking that bit of oomph that turns a RTA from ‘alright’ into ‘Wow’, it sometimes takes a few attempts. I was prepared for this from the word go, I knew I may have problems.

I was not prepared for what the Geek Vape Ammit 25 RTA threw at me though. I have had it for about four weeks now and it has never leaked on me. It has never produced a dry hit of any major concern. It did feel a bit dry at times, but there was no fireballs shooting out the drip tip. That’s pretty amazing isn’t it? I mean, no dry hits, no leaking, Geek Vape have produced the Holy Grail of RTA’s, everyone rejoice, let the bells ring out, lets have a street party, THIS IS AMAZING.

There is one minor problem though. I put a lot of different builds in this RTA……I mean a lot. Kanthal and Stainless Steel shares have risen noticeably in the time I have been vaping it, whole cotton fields have been used. I have varied the builds from round wire to Claptons, via Aliens and back again. Steel, Kanthal, a lot of wick, virtually no wick and various amounts in between were thrown at this RTA in a failed attempt to get it to produce……..some flavour.

Out of all the things I have been sent to review from Dean, this was the first one I nearly said ‘I can’t do this” to. It frustrated me to a level that wasn’t quite ‘Perseus Locking Top Cap’ (Anyone who has read that will know I got a little bit heated) but it left me looking at the Ammit thinking “I don’t get it.”

Geekvape Ammit Single coil RTA
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When I built this RTA I gave the wicks a lot of attention. I would try to not put too much in and would ensure they were as fluffy as possible in the wells. I would then fill it with my favourite custard e-liquid (Cerberus from Dark Star) and…..nothing, bugger all. All I would get was a bland, lungful of nothing in particular. I also got very paranoid. Was it me? I am not the most experienced of vapers, was it my relative newness to the hobby that was holding me back? One thing I have tried to avoid with any of these reviews that I have written is to go on YouTube and watch a load of reviews on the products I have. I have no wish to rehash what someone has said about something. I want these reviews to be about my experiences, not, for instance, Grimm Greens. I broke that rule with the Geek Vape RTA. After a fortnight of no flavour and a lot of frustration I watched a shit ton of reviews on it. It didn’t make matters better, in fact it got worse. People I trust and like were saying things like ‘Amazing flavour’ and ‘Vapes like a dream’ or ‘Only a complete fuckwit like Ian Schwar would think this produces no flavour’ (The Bogan can be quite harsh sometimes).(Editors note: LMAO!)

And then, one day, as I was gently banging my head on the table, I realised something. Most of the reviews I had watched, they had not used a custard flavoured e-liquid. This made me stop and think, which was a relief as I was starting to leave a dent in the table. I had only put custard in the Ammit, Cerberus, Bloody Good Custard, Kreeds Custard, not one of them had produced a nice vape. At times you got a small snippet of flavour, but it would quickly disappear like a fart on a windy day.

Geekvape single coil RTA 25
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I somewhat reluctantly emptied the tank, washed and re-wicked it. I did not take a huge amount of care doing this as I was bored of the process by this time. I put a small amount of Abolish Mint by the Plumes of Hazard in the tank and had a vape. Boom, loads of flavour, so much so in fact, I sat looking at the Ammit with my mouth open for about five minutes. I didn’t want to vape it again in case I had imagined it. When I did summon up the courage I was rewarded by a pleasant vape, a flavourful vape, the type of vape that others had been describing all along, but I had been missing.

After this I had no problems with it, I just avoided custards. I tried Grog by Vaping King, which is a apple/root beer flavour…..bloody lovely. I currently have Code Red by Dark Star doing me proud, I’m tearing through it like no tomorrow.

Why didn’t it produce a decent flavour with a dessert e-liquid? The truth is I just don’t know. Is it me? Did I do something wrong? That is a possibility, in my defence though, with the lack of dry hits or flooding, I do not think there was not much wrong with the builds. I did play around with how high or low the coil was in relation to the airflow, I did vary the amount of cotton I put in it. Perhaps it just not great with a custard flavour. I have seen reviews in the past where the person says ‘This is a great tank for fruit flavoured vapes, not so good for bakery ones.’ Is the Geek Vape Ammit one of these? Possibly, and what causes that I really do not know. I will pass you on to someone else for that answer.

One last point on how the Ammit RTA vapes is that it is very, very cloudy. I am currently running it at 49.9 watts on a .4 Ohm Clapton and it really chucks. The other day I was at work in the staff room. I was on my own so I thought I would chance a quick stealth vape. I took a toot, did the old ‘double inhale’ and…….created a weather system. This led to me performing the ‘Vape Dance.” The ‘Vape Dance’ is the opposite to ‘The Riverdance’, your legs are still, but your arms are going like the clappers, trying to move vapour towards an open window. Its quite a satisfying vape though, just make sure you’re in an appropriate place to do it.


Time for the Pro’s and Con’s.


I’ll start with the Con’s:


The build deck – The deck itself is fine, no problems whatsoever. The bit that concerns me is how close your coil leg is to the side. Its difficult to clip it in place, which negates how easy it is to place your coil. I was worried about the possibility of it shorting out every time I re-built the Ammit (and that was a bloody lot)

No Goon sized drip tip – This did not bother me as I have several of my own, and I would probably have used them over any that were supplied. Not everyone has a collection of drip tips, and would have to purchase one separately.


Not a lot when all is said and done. Onto the Pro’s:


The price – I have seen the Ammit for £24.99 on a UK based website. For this level of build quality, it is a bargain.

The build quality – I love how well Geek Vape have built this RTA. It feels well put together, taking it apart is a joy (The first 20 times anyway, after that it becomes a bit of a ball ache)

The way it looks – I think it’s a handsome looking RTA. Its main rival, the Kylin from Vandy Vapes, really is an ugly sister in comparison to the Ammit.

The way it vapes – I used a variety of coils in the Ammit (It actually felt like every coil in the world) it produced nice, dense, satisfying clouds. I also used it at different wattages and it kept up well. I will say it again, it never leaked or gave me a dry hit.

The choice of top caps – I gave it as a con that you do not get a Goon sized drip tip. On the other hand, I love the fact that you can choose which top cap to run. A lot of 510 adaptors that you get are not the most nicest of looking things. The Ammit looks suited to either, the fact you get one of each enhances this look.




Those of you that have got this far (this feels like a long review to me) will have noticed that I did not mention the flavour in the Pro’s and Con’s section. There is a reason I did not put it in either, I am trying to keep an open mind on whether it is something I am doing that makes it sensitive to different flavours of e-liquid.

This is a well built, excellent value, good looking RTA that will give you decent vape. If you vape mainly fruits, menthol or citrus flavours, I recommend it. If you vape custards or bakery flavours, proceed with caution. In my defence, if the Ammit is so sensitive to various builds and wicking that I did not find its sweet spot, then I think others will also struggle to get the best out of it.


I have the horrible feeling that the comments below this review will be full of custard vapers, all of them telling me what a twat I am. If that is the case, I have a nice spot on the table to bang my head against.


My thanks, as always, go to Dean for sending me the Geek Vape Ammit 25 RTA to review. I hope I have done this one justice, it was not easy.


Ian Schwar


Editor Comments

Thanks to Ian for another great review, and to Geekvape for sending the Ammit 25 RTA free for the purposes of trying out – check out the tank on their website here – GEEKVAPE AMMIT 25 RTA

My Apologies for not putting this up earlier, Ian did in fact send it to me in the middle of July!

Do you have this tank, or do you have any thoughts of some tanks are better for certain flavours? Leave your comments below, it’s certainly a very interesting thought, and one that I know some people feel the same with!







  1. I have to agree about the custard vapes and this becomes apparent with Isle of Custards, Walk the Plank which is a Raspberry Custard. No other RTA, RDA or RDTA for that matter makes the Raspberry notes come through like the Ammit 25 does so yes, this RTA loves the fruits. You do get the custard but it’s in the background, where as usually it’s the Raspberry in the background. It’s a bloody tasty vape though in the Ammit. Love this tank, I use a full NI80 3.5mm ID 3 core Alien coil in mine, ohms out at 0.45ohm, 55w, perfect vape.

  2. We are vandyvape official, wanna do a review cooperation, please reply me about its detail.

  3. Hi I am using the ud Clapton wire I want to get to the 0.4 ohms I have tried 3.5 ml of 6 reps but comes out too high how did you manage to do the Clapton build as 0.4 thanks

    1. Hi i also have this and was trying to get the coils to go to 0.4ohms but with little success and have now done a parallel build of about 4 wraps of 26 gauge clapton and comes out at 0.34ohms and running it at about 45watts. This is my first ever RTA some a complete novice to vaping with these.

  4. I am glad I went with the SMM now. I debated between the two and went with the Serpent SMM. I use desert flavors almost exclusively in it as single coil let’s me taste the nuances in the flavor profile. My favorite dual coil tank is the troll and for that I go full on bright fruit flavors. Both vape a dream for the price. I want something to dethrone the troll but have yet to have found it. Going to try the Aromamizer Supreme V2 and Reload Rta next. For single coil I’ll probably stick with the SMM for awhile.

  5. Thank God… I thought I was the only one with the desert flavor issue.. You are not alone!! My only difference is mine decides to DUMP juice no matter what kinda of build or wicking I put in. Short, Long, Scottish, Fluffier than an uncut poodle. Rather frustrated with it at the moment. The clouds and flavor of Fruits are amazing if you can keep your Mod and hands clean. May just have to work at it again before it goes in the Ebay pile. Great Review laughed all the way through. Thanks

  6. I am quite convinced at this point that this tank is a fucking enigma wrapped in a riddle. I have had the EXACT opposite experience with it from what you describe.

    This tank leaked on me like crazy from day 1. And no matter what type of build or wick I would throw at it, it would respond by throwing my ejuice back at me!

    I tried every suggestion I found, only to end up wet, sticky, and frustrated all over again.

    Through all of this though, the one thing this tank did deliver was PHENOMENAL flavor. I’m talking about flavor that rivals RDA’s.

    That’s exactly why I refused to give up on it. So, in a last ditch effort, I threw a Scottish roll in this bitch and it has been leak-proof flavor country ever since!

    Based on the reviews of this tank, it almost seems like there are two versions: Version 1 in which the tank is a breeze to build and wick but it provides no flavor at all, and Version 2 in which the flavor is kick-you-in-the-taint fantastic but it pisses everywhere all the time.

    I’m not really sure which one is better, but as a flavor chaser, I’m glad I got the version I did.

    In any event, thanks for the review! It was a great read.

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