There I was one evening minding my own business, perusing Facebook. Our good friend Dean, Mr Biker himself, posted a picture on his page about what he was vaping on. I cannot remember the Mod, but the RDA that was sat on top of it was The Drop. This interested me as I had seen it spoken about a lot so I commented on the post to that effect. What seemed like a minute later my phone buzzed to tell me I had a message. It was the bearded wonder himself (Dean, not God, I don’t think the latter has my number.) Anyway, Mr Biker basically asked me if I would like a Drop RDA to review. I will not say I nearly took his hand off, let’s just say he won’t need a manicure for a few weeks.

So why was I interested in The Drop? The answer to that is very simple, it’s the type of RDA that sits bang in the middle of how I like to vape. 24mm, Dual coil, squonk friendly, clouds for days and (hopefully) good flavour.

The Drop RDA is a collaboration between the Youtube reviewer The Vapor Chronicles and Digiflavor. Who or what is The Vapor Chronicles or TVC for short? The channel is the creation of a gentleman called Brian Herb, he has his own review channel but I know him more for the live YouTube shows he does. On a Thursday night he co-presents ‘The Vape Team’ with Mike Vapes and Mark Fagan. The show is basically the three of them talking about vaping and making fun of Mark Fagan. On a Sunday he is usually on ‘Not Another Vape Show’ which can be found on Mark Fagans channel, VapnFagen. On this show are six or seven YouTube reviewer (Mike Vapes, ST Vapes, Heavy Metal Vaper and others) talking about vaping and making fun of Mark Fagan. Brian also does a weekly show with Fresh 03, called ‘Fresh From The Kitchen.’ I haven’t watched any of these shows but I know they are about creating your own e-liquid flavours, they probably make fun of Mark Fagan as well, just for good measure.

So I have heard talk about The Drop RDA for several months so my interest is very real.


What’s in the box?


Drop RDA Box
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Drop RDA box
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The box I received was the standard affair that Digiflavor seems to send out to vape reviewers. I know this because I have another thing from them to write about and it’s the same box with a different sticker!


On the inside you are presented with The Drop RDA, cushioned in that foam type of stuff, and a different shaped drip tip finished in ultem. Under the protective foam there is a little bag containing spare o-rings, a ‘T’ shaped screwdriver tool, squonk pin, 510 drip tip adaptor and spare flat head screws for the posts. You do not appear to get coils, but I don’t really expect this with a RDA. It seems to be the norm from vape companies that you get coils with RTA’s but not RDA’s.

Drop RDA tools
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I am not going to comment much on the packaging because I am pretty sure it will look completely different to what I have. I cannot see Digiflavor screwing it up though, I highly doubt The Drop RDA will arrive looking like a Christmas present that I had wrapped.


The Drop RDA by TVC & Digiflavor


Drop RDA
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The first thing that stood out to me when I first saw The Drop was the two toned colour scheme that it has. On my one, the barrel is stainless steel, the top cap and base are black. In my opinion, this gives a pleasing contrast to the usual all stainless/brass/black etc that we have come to expect from RDA’s. The other version available on release will have a black barrel and stainless top cap and base.

Opinions have been divided on the looks but I like it. I know someone who has several different coloured Goons and he will mix and match them, this works as far as I’m concerned, but I realise that is a matter of opinion.


Drop RDA
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The Barrel contains the air-holes of which there are ten. These are arranged in a ‘T’ shape with six of them in pairs and the remaining top four spread out in a line. The word ‘DROP’ is above the air-holes on one side. This appears to be…..painted on? I honestly do not know the process but it is black and subtle enough not to look crap. I believe the production versions of the Drop RDA will have the name on both sides. At the bottom of the barrel is a small cut out on both sides. This corresponds with a lip on the base which means you will always have your air-flow in the correct position for your coils. This also means that when you turn your RDA to take it on or off your mod, there is no possibility of just turning the barrel, a nice little feature that makes using The Drop nicer.

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The build deck is interesting. You have four posts coming up from the base to place your coils into, allowing them to be quite high up towards your mouth-hole. In theory, along with the domed inner of the top cap, this will give you good flavour, we will return to that later. With the way the build deck is designed it should make building easier. You do not have to worry too much about the length of the leads on your coil, you simply ‘drop’ them into place, (hence the name of the RDA) tighten the screws, and then you can snip off the excess from underneath. In some ways the build deck is similar to the Dead Rabbit RDA. I own one and can see the comparison, there are differences though and I think The Drop is even simpler to build on than the Dead Rabbit. There is a natural curve in the post that allow your leads to slide along. Its just then a matter of holding your coil where you want it and tightening the screws.

The top cap also incorporates the airflow control and has enough knurling on it to be able to grip for use. The way the AFC is set up you can go from having all ten holes open, all the way down to one hole open, depending on how you like to vape. This does leave the AFC looking like something you would use to cut holes into wood, but it is not something you see in use.

DROP rda
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The Goon sized drip tip they have included was the second thing that really caught my eye when I first saw The Drop. In the box you will find an ultem drip tip that is similar in shape to the one that the original Goon came with, and that’s all fine. I am not a huge fan of ultem but it does feel nice to use and the shape does help with the flavour. The one that really stood out to me is the one that comes on the RDA, it’s bloody gorgeous. In a world where I have got used to opening a RDA box and seeing black delrin or ultem, this one is different. The Dead Rabbit earned my gratitude by including a resin multicoloured drip tip, the one on The Drop is a frosted clear/white thing. I love it! I know it’s a little thing but I like that it is different to the norm. I also like that it will match most of the mods you will put it on. For someone who would probably sell a kidney to fund my DHD obsession this one just stands out.


The last thing to point out about The Drop RDA is that it has a nice, hybrid safe, static, 510 pin. Please check your one is ok though.


How does it vape?


At the time of writing this review I have had The Drop RDA for two weeks. I wanted to try it as a dripper and, firstly, as a squonk RDA.




Drop RDA
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I own several Mech Squonkers and the way I vape is mainly on them. The build I put in them is very, very simple…..for a simple man. I use Ni80, 24 AWG, 3mm ID, 5 wraps, slightly spaced. This comes out at a reliable .19 Ohms and I enjoy the vape I get from it a lot. I put this build into The Drop as it would give me a good comparison against the other RDA’s I use everyday. The holes that your leads go into are massive. Let’s not beat around the bush, this RDA is not designed for round-wire builds. This is for the Instagram SnapBack posse that like to use coils that look like the builder took acid and decided to amalgamate an electrical substation with a spiders web. I expected my tiny round-wire legs to slip to the side of the screw as I tightened it, causing swearing and frustration. None of that happened, I placed my coil, tightened the screws, snipped off the excess, went looking for the excess, found the excess, and everything was good.


From the very start of vaping The Drop I was pleased with the flavour and vapour production that it gave me. The AFC configuration allowed me to play around enough to get the vape I wanted. Initially I had six of the ten air-holes open, I have since closed this further to four open. I find that the lung hit is restricted, but that’s what I like and the flavour is very, very good. The way the AFC is configured, when you close down the air, the holes that are left open are the bottom ones. This allows the air to come up under your coils, further enhancing the flavour.


Something I really like about The Drop RDA is that it has retained a deep juice well. On a lot of RDA’s that have coils positioned vertically, the barrel of the top cap is used as part of the juice well. The Dead Rabbit does this as well as the CSMNT RDA (That is a more traditional post-less design of RDA). With these you cannot remove the top cap when squonking or dripping as you end up with juice everywhere. The Drop is not like this, it has a juice well as deep as a Goons. For those of us that like to remove the top cap to keep an eye on what is going on in there this works well.


Click to enlarge deck comparison

When you attach the squonk pin, the hole for it is actually raised above the floor of the deck by approximately 2mm. This means that not all the e-liquid that is excess returns to the squonk bottle after you press it. This appeals to me because you end up, like you would from dripping, with a small amount of juice left in your RDA to feed the wicks. On the subject of the wicks, because of how your coils are high up in the Drop, they are longer than on your average RDA. If you have vaped them dry, they can take a bit longer to juice up. This does mean you do have to have some patience when you want to get on with vaping your face off. The plus side to the longer wicks is that they hold a lot of e-liquid, instead of a dry hit you get one of those “Uh oh, watch out, you might want to have a little look at your wicks before taking a huge toot” kind of hits that make you consider pressing your juice bottle immediately.


If truth be known I thoroughly enjoyed using The Drop as a squonking RDA. I wanted to use it as a dripper though, and put some more exotic coils in to see how it handled the extra heat.



Drop RDA
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I had some very nice coils given to me by Dean at VapeFest. These were from Coil Master and included in the ‘Ready Box’ of coils, they were the last pair I had left. They were a set of Ni80, Fused Clapton, Parallel kind of thing that I thought would look good in the pictures and possibly display well on Instagram if I could find a SnapBack to wear. After saying earlier how easy The Drop is to build on, and it is easy, it came as quite a surprise to me that I totally and utterly fucked up putting these coils in. I cannot explain how I managed it, but when I was done they looked like I had used a hammer to install them….Not a small hammer either. This left me feeling sad, and a bit of a twat. Luckily I still had a pair of Staggered Fused coils that I had purchased a few months ago from Fynemods (Formally M-Vapes) These were very nice, well built and not very expensive (£1.99 a pair) They were made of Kanthal and came out at .17 Ohms. These I installed with no problem at all. I did pre cut the legs a bit because they were very long (I believe they are purposely long to allow you to add another wrap if that is desired) I placed them, tightened the post screws and cut off the excess.


Drop rda
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I put the Drop RDA on a new mod I had received to review (The DOVPO Trigger 168… coming soon) and whacked the watts up to 66 and went for it. I was rewarded with good clouds and bags of flavour, all very lovely. Over the next week I played around with the wattage, I think the highest was 120 watts, just to see how The Drop coped. It coped well, the airflow is very smooth and allows you to vape with confidence. The juice well allows you to dump a whole load of liquid into it without a fear of it pissing out all over the place. I vaped it the most at 77 watts and it didn’t get excessively hot, it got hot, but what do you expect at higher wattages, it didn’t feel like you could brand a cow with it though.


As a dripper the Drop RDA works and I enjoyed using it that way. In real life I will use it on a mech/unregulated squonker, because that is mainly how I vape at the moment. It works well as either.


Pros & Cons

 I have not done a pros & cons in the last few reviews so I thought I would bring it back, variety is the spice of life after all.


  •  The Drop Logo on the barrel – It is probably the only part of the whole look of the Drop that I am not as keen on, I think it would have looked good either engraved or laser cut. I don’t hate it, its certainly not a deal breaker, just not as ‘classy’ as the logos on other RDA’s.
  • The two-tone colour scheme – A subjective con this as I love it, but I know some people are not keen. To them I say buy two Drops in the different finish and match them up, they wont regret their purchase.
  • The Ultem drip tip – I really, really wish they had made this the same colour as the other one. I appreciate the different design though, some people like this type and its nice to see them catered for.
  • Availability – At the time of writing this review the Drop is not available to buy in the UK. I know from watching The Vape Team that they have been delayed in production, the black version is particularly affected. I also know that Mr Herb, the creator of the Drop does not have a finished version of his own RDA. He is currently vaping on a prototype because he gave all the ones he had to friends. Digiflavor needs to get on to this and get the Drop out there, it’s worth prioritising.

Not a lot of cons, I have to be truthful, I struggled to find the ones I have mentioned.



 Brace yourselves.

  • The Look – I said it was subjective as a con and I understand it’s the same as a pro, but I like the look of this RDA
  • The Build Deck – Piece of piss to build on……unless you’re a twat like me.
  • The air-flow – Smooth as a well greased otter sliding down a greasy slide. It makes for an enjoyable vape.
  • The flavour – I used different kinds of juice in The Drop and I tasted all of them the way they should taste, this is a huge pro to me. It’s ok having something that produces a weather system but if there is no flavour, what is the point? I like cloudy, but I like nice flavours more.
  • The way the barrel fits the build deck – That little lip on the deck allows the barrel to lock into place, this makes your life nicer, all RDA’s should have something like this in my opinion.
  • The drip tip – It’s a bit different and it works, its nice to see something other than ultem and delrin.
  • The price – I am seeing this on pre-order from UK websites for £25.




I like this RDA an awful lot. So much so that it bothers me writing about it in case I sound like I’m on the payroll of Mr Herb. What can I say? It suits the way I vape. I know Dean is doing a review and I cannot wait to get his thoughts on it, hopefully he will not hate it.

I think the Drop RDA is as good, if not a little better, than the Dead Rabbit. What does that mean though? Well, at the moment, I vape on two Goons (an original and a V1.5) a Dead Rabbit and a CSMNT. The Dead Rabbit, in my opinion, has the best flavour. I think the Drop matches it for flavour and the build deck and general look and ease of use just beats it. It’s fast becoming my favourite RDA.

£25 for the Drop? A bargain in my opinion. The Goon costs nearly double along with the CSMNT. The Recoil Rebel, another RDA that I love, is also twice the price. I will buy another Drop RDA, if Digiflavor can get their act together and supply it to the UK.

For anyone wondering if I’m on Digiflavors payroll, my next review will be another product from them, an RTA. So far it’s pissed itself twice and given me a dry hit so horrible it nearly got got introduced to Mr Hammer. So normal service will be resumed.


Thanks to Dean for sending me the Drop RDA to review, I really, really appreciate this one, it’s a keeper.


Peace & Love


Ian Schwar


Editors Note:

As always, a massive thanks to Ian for his great review of the Drop RDA.

This product was sent on free for the purposes of review (and my video review will be coming in a few days), here’s the link to the Digiflavor website:

The link to ‘The Vapor Chronicles’ on YouTube: