ZampleBox Juice December Review – The Drink inspired E-Liquid!

As promised here is the first review from my December ZampleBox. Each bottle is 30ml and has a nicotine level of 3mg.

I have grouped some together into categories, this one being drink inspired juice flavours! We have three in this listing and they are:

  • Kaiju Islands by The Chubby Baker (Pina Colada)
  • Rotten Candy by Strange Fruit Liquids (Grape Soda)
  • Aramai by Scripted Liquid (Champagne)

So for this review I am using my Basium Squonker with by Recurve RDA. I will start at 50 watts with full airflow (12 tiny holes which is a restricted direct lung) and take it from there. I will also check the state of my coils after vaping each flavour for a minimum of 24 hours. If the coils are ok I will clean them off and reuse them but I will be replacing the wick before each flavour. So in no particular order….

Aramai – Cranberry Champagne & Menthol

So the initial smell is delicious. I am getting a sweet cranberry but not the champagne. Smells more like a soda than champers at this point but I am really looking forward to vaping this one.

On the initial vape I am definitely getting the cranberry flavour and then the menthol comes swooping in after. I find the menthol is a bit strong at my current setting and is taking my focus away from any other possible flavours.

I have changed my settings to 40 watts and closed 4 holes off to restrict the airflow and I am finding this much better. The reason for trying this is because full airflow will carry the menthol to the back of your throat quickier and makes it quite harsh.

The menthol is still strong, so when you breathe in it’s cold at the back of the throat, but it is not dominating anymore.

At this setting I am getting the cranberry, as before, but I am getting a hint of that distinct champagne flavour at the end. I am left with the aftertaste of cranberry and menthol but finding it sticks around for a bit after the vape, which I really like.

On the coils it’s also clean which is a massive bonus. You never know what you will see when vaping a new juice for the first time.

Pros: The sweetness level is perfect, it tastes like cranberry with a subtle taste of champers. Not a coil killer and the flavour doesn’t leave you just because you have stopped vaping.

Cons: That menthol will be very overpowering if you let it so I recommend playing around with the wattage and airflow to find what works for you on this one.

Verdict… I like it. I was a little disappointed that the deliciousness of the vape was not as good as the deliciousness of the smell but I still enjoyed vaping this as it was different. I think this would make a great summer vape.

Rotten Candy – Grape Soda

The smell of this juice is amazing. It’s smells just like the grape sweets/candies. I am super excited to try this one out.

OMG this is beautiful and just plain yummy to vape on. It starts with grape then move to grape and then concludes with grape. The flavour is nice and smooth and you know it’s there without it punching your throat. It is grape but I can’t say it’s like a soda I have tasted. It may be accurate in the USA but not in the UK. What it does remind me of is a grape bubblegum and I am loving it.

I played around with wattage and airflow and it vaped and tasted good every single time.

One thing it did find is that there wasn’t much of an aftertaste which was disappointing. Only because I loved vaping this and wanted the flavour to last as long as possible.

Pros: Everything. I love the flavour, the smoothness of it, perfect level of sweetness for me, awesome all day vape and the added bonus of it not killing my coils.

Cons: Not having an everlasting supply.

Verdict: I need more in my life. I love it and will be getting this one again.

Kaiju Islands – 4 Tropical Fruit Pina Colada & Blue Raspberry Citrus

The smell is very fruity. It kinda smells like a bag of fruit jelly sweets/candy. Now for the tasting.

So to begin I am tasting pineapple and a hint of mango. It then smooths out to a subtle Malibu-esk flavour and then right at the very end raspberry pops in. Now I am not a pina colada fan however this juice doesn’t offend me. On the aftertaste I am left with an odd combo of coconut rum and berry. I found that vaping this at 40 watts with a slightly closed airflow worked out better for me on the flavour. At 40 watts I would get a nicer flavour with all of them coming through rather than just the stronger ones.

Pros: Different than your average flavour. Tastes like a Pina Colada. Not a coil killer. Good balance of flavours and sweetness. Captured the Malibu-esk flavour quite well.

Cons: Would have been nice to have more of the citrus, particularly lime. Found it difficult to vape this all day.

Verdict: It’s not a flavour I am going to get excited about when I see it on the shelf, but it is a nice vape and I think it will be a good choice for those summer days.

ZampleBox still have these available on their website except the Cranberry Champagne. I am getting the impression that their stock changes regularly. However, if there is something you want to try, you can request it. Search for what you are looking for and if it’s not available, a link comes up at the bottom of the page that you can click and request.

I have done a Google search on each of these juice manufacturers and I easily found Strange Fruit available in the UK. As for the other 2, a bigger search may be required. Or you can just head on over to ZampleBox and see what they have to offer.

So this is the first one for the December Box. Stay in touch for the second fruit themed review, coming soon.

If you want to know more about the Zamplebox process, check out my previous post!

Catch you later and thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: I have used pictures from the ZampleBox website to show what the bottles look like. Thanks to Zamplebox for sending these across for review, to find out more, go to

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