OBS have not made a drama out of the Crius

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The second thing I received from Dean is another OBS product, this time a RDTA (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomiser) which bears the Crius name. This name was previously assigned to a RTA (RebuildableTank Atomiser), a RTA which viewers of The Ideal Ohm Show will know was held in high esteem by the wonderful Ric Grove of Modmaker.co.uk fame. Ric was so impressed with the Crius that he would use it to compare other tanks or RDA’s for flavour. Hearing the words “It’s 90% Crius” was not unusual during his hand-checks, and it was only when the Aspire Cleito came along (110% Crius) that Ric settled on a new standard with that tank. Now, I’ve met Ric several times and he exhibits no signs of being weird in his RTA choices, at least, so it seems that OBS made a good RTA with the original Crius and therefore have a lot to live up to giving this RDTA that name.


As is now the custom, I am going to break this review into different sections, starting with……


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The Box


Where else to start than the packaging. Those of you that have read through my previous reviews will know that I do like a nice (Deleted by the Innuendo Police). I don’t think I am strange for talking about the packaging. In my experience, when you have parted with your hard earned cash and vapemail arrives at your door, part of the excitement, the build up so to speak, is the box. If something is presented to you well, it will leave a good first impression, you are more likely to enjoy it. If I was to give you something that you really want, but on a bed of poo, I’m guessing that will have a negative influence on your attachment to whatever it is you receive. I have also realised that I have strayed many miles from what I am supposed to be writing about, lets go back there.


OBS have put some thought into their packaging with these latest releases. The Crius comes in a box that is virtually the same as the Cheetah II RDA, it only differs in a few millimetres of height and width. It has the same outer sleeve that informs you of OBS’ Facebook and Instagram details, a Scratch and Sniff authenticity check and the general dimensions of the RDTA. I can tell you, by simply looking at the back of the box that the Crius is 24mm in diameter and 49mm in height. That is all very well, but I know that many of you are now wondering how much this RDTA weighs. I can now reveal that it is a skimpy 42g, a mere 10g more than the Cheetah II RDA. The dimensions also informs me that the tank will hold 4ml of E-Liquid…….Good luck with buying one of these in the UK post TRPR.


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I have the Stainless Steel version, there is also a Black version (It’s ok, not sure about how the logo is presented, but more of that later) and a Gold version (I pity the fool)


Once the outer sleeve is removed the similarities to the Cheetah II continue. We have the same drawer that pulls out to reveal the Crius RDTA. It is cushioned nicely alongside a box that contains the usual assortment of O-Rings, screwdriver, a pair of coils, instructions and a spare glass for the tank section.


I did try and use the coils that came with the device. When they were installed I noticed I was getting a strange Ohm reading which became apparent when I tried to fire them. Only one of the coils would ramp up and glow, the other one just didn’t respond. I had no idea what caused this, I removed them, put some different coils in and had no problems with them. When I put the one that would not fire into a different RDA, it just would not work. There was not anything visually wrong with it (It appeared to be a Fused Clapton) I decided to not play around with it and discarded it. If I receive something with pre built coils I will always try and use them, especially for a review. My thoughts are that they are part of the product, so I should see how they perform. I mention this not to criticise OBS, these things do happen with something as delicate as a coil, It’s more to reiterate the importance of checking your build in a Ohm Reader to ensure there is nothing wrong. Safety is important, and my face has enough problems without adding burns and scars to it.


The device, the build deck and how it vapes


Normally at this point I would go into detail of the RDTA, what it looks like, the build deck and so on. I will cover all that but I want to make you aware of my previous review for the Cheetah II RDA and urge you to read it if you have not already done so. There are two reasons I would like you to take a few minutes to read that article (Actually there are three, but one of them is my ego, so that doesn’t count) They are:

  1. The Cheetah II RDA is really good and I highly recommend it
  2. The Crius RDTA is basically a Cheetah II with a tank on the bottom of it

I will stress at this point that this is not a criticism of either OBS or The Crius RDTA (Or The Cheetah II) My regard for the Cheetah II is out there, see point number one above! It makes sense to me that if you have a good design to capitalise on it. There is one thing I do not understand, but I will come back to that later.


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The Crius RDTA has the same, wonderful, build deck as the Cheetah II. In fact, I tested the two products side by side. I was able to remove the coils I had in one and place them, with no changes, straight into the other. This allowed me to experiment with different builds in both and they performed exactly the same. Same amount of vapour, same flavour (really good) same everything.


There are some differences, for example, you cannot take the top cap off of the Cheetah II and put it on the Crius. This really confused me at first. They are the same width and height and the airflow is in exactly the same place. It turns out that the Crius top cap is made of a slightly thinner metal, it must be about 1/10th of a millimetre difference, but it makes the two non interchangeable.


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The real differences begins below the level of the build deck. One thing that does stand out to me with this RDTA is that OBS have kept it really simple. The holes that are between the tank and the build deck that allow you to drop your wicks through, are just simple holes. They are approximately 3.5mm in diameter and sit in just the right place for your wicks.

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There is no groundbreaking, new way of filling the tank with E-Liquid, just a large hole between the O-Rings that hold the top cap onto the tank. It is large enough for any kind of bottle or dripper to be used easily, as well as allowing the air to leave the tank. It is simple, but it works. I am also pleased to inform you that there is no kind of locking mechanism to the top cap. As I mentioned above there are two O-Rings that secure the top cap, these are strong enough to pick up your RDTA, when it’s attached to a Minikin V2, without fear of the top cap coming off.




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The tank continues the simplicity theme. It has a central connector running through it that unscrews easily for cleaning. The Crius has a floating 510 connector and is unsuitable to use on a hybrid device.


I said earlier that I built the Crius RDTA exactly the same as the Cheetah II. I wicked it by simply allowing the legs of my cotton to go about 2-3mm into the tank. I used 3mm ID coils on all the builds, it would have easily accommodated 4mm, I trimmed the cotton as it went through the holes to allow for expansion when they had E-Liquid on them. I had no issues at all with the wicking, I didn’t receive any dry hits. When I was at higher wattages it felt like I could rely on the Crius to keep up at all times.


Pros & Cons


Lets start with the Cons:


The finish – As with the Cheetah II, I am not a fan. It’s very shiny and difficult to keep clean when in use.

The Logo – The logo is situated on both sides of the top cap, around the air flow slot. I don’t like it. Personally, I think it looks like a failed attempt of the Big Brother TV show logo. It not too intrusive on the Stainless Steel version, on the black one it REALLY stands out like a sore thumb. No, not my cup of tea, thank you very much.

No single coil option – Like the Cheetah II I just do not understand why this is not an option


So what are the Pros:


The way it vapes – Most important thing really. It works, it does its job really well and I like it for that.

The simplicity – This RDTA has not set out to change the world, it doesn’t try and be a game changer. OBS appear to have gone with the idea of making something that works well. They have succeeded.

Build Deck – I said in my review of the Cheetah II that it was my favourite so far, I haven’t changed my mind in the last few days.

Price – I have seen it on a UK website for £28.99 and a Chinese one for under $20. I am not going to name either as I have had no dealings with the sites so I do not have trust in them, a simple Google search will find them. When all is said and done though, it is not expensive.




I like Crius RDTA, I like its simplicity and its ability to get the job done. I love the build deck and, coupled with the versatility of a 4ml tank, it just works and I recommend it to anyone thinking of buying a RDTA.

One small thing bothers me though…….Why is it not called the Cheetah RDTA? It is identical to the Cheetah II, it vapes the same and has the same deck. I think that OBS missed a bit of a trick with the naming of it. They have this great little build deck, why not build a brand around it. I have heard some criticism from using the Crius name on a RDTA, why not side step that and use the Cheetah name? At the end of the day I am not a marketing manager, I guess they have considered all their options and settled on this. It is only a name, it’s a good RDTA though. Before I received this and the Cheetah II for review I had never owned anything from OBS, I will certainly looks at their future work with interest.


Thanks, as always, to Dean for the opportunity. I am aware I have not included as many jokes in this one. What can I say, it’s a simple review, of a simple device, written by a simple man…….


To anyone reading this, Do you own this RDTA? Are you considering it? Is there anything I should include in these reviews? Let me know what you think, I value your opinion, good and bad. But lets be nice to one another, the world is crap enough at times without us adding to it.


As my old Mum used to say……


If you can’t be nice, Fuck off!


Peace & Love


Ian Schwar


Editor’s Comments:
Another great review from Mr Schwar, thank you very much for taking the time out to do it!

Also, thank you to OBS for Sending the Crius RDTA over for review, here’s the link: http://obsnsmoke.com/pro_details.asp?ID=194

This product was sent on free for the purposes of review but in no way influences the opinion of the writer.


  1. As with your previous reviews, this one was also a joy to read. I won the Crius (together with the Cheetah 2), but I still haven’t been able to use them, but these reviews are making me more and more curious as to how much I will like these 🙂
    Keep on writing like this!

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