Next up in this latest line of written reviews that I have for you is a new atomiser from Coil Master; The Genesis RDTA.

Coil Master are a fixture among the vaping community, it’s like a rite of passage. You want to build your own coils? Do you have a Coil Master kit? Off you go then, don’t forget to check your resistance on your Coil Master 521 Tab. They provide reliable, good value items that make coiling easy and pain free. Because of Coil Master I have never wrapped a coil around a screwdriver or drill bit, why would I? I have a set of tools that I can use that can allow the most ham-fisted among us produce smart looking coils. Coil Master also do a broad range of other things to entice us to their brand, battery chargers, pre-built coils, a fidget spinners. My personal favourite is the little wire brush for cleaning your used coils. I have used it to extend the life of both round wire and fancy coils, it also has a staggered handle that is set out to different diameters. It is these little details that make me a fan of the Coil Master items that I own, I don’t regret buying any of them. (Editor’s Note: This review is not sponsored by CoilMaster! LOL)

So now they have entered the atomiser market with a RDTA, and one they have decided to call the Genesis. This can stir up a whole range of emotions among vapers who consider it blasphemy to use that name on anything other than a mesh wicked Genny. Does it refer to those type of atomisers? Or is it being used in the more biblical sense to denote a beginning? Or have they gone really weird and paid tribute to the Phil Collins led band of the same name? Who knows, lets have a look at what we get if we decide to put our faith in Coil Master and buy the Genesis RDTA.


What’s in the Box?


Coilmaster genesis
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You are presented with a smart, matt black box with the words ‘GENESIS RDTA’ in grey and ‘Coil Master’ in red on the front. The sides continue to tell you the makers of this product and its name as well as a ‘scratch & sniff’ authenticity checker. On the back you are presented with a line drawing of the RDTA and some dimensions and contents.

The Genesis RDTA is made of 304 Stainless Steel, is 25mm in diameter and 47mm high, not including the 510 and drip tip. It also announces proudly that the drip tip has a 12mm wide bore and made of Delrin. This did not mean much to me until I actually looked at the drip tip, but I will return to that later. The RDTA utilises a Velocity Style of build deck with half moon holes cut into the base to allow your wicks to hang down into the tank.

Genesis RDTA
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When you lift off the lid of the box you are presented with your new purchase, which is set alongside a spare glass for the tank and a bag of spares. In that bag you have spare screws, O-rings, a screwdriver, cotton and a pair of Fused Clapton coils. The material these are made from is unknown but my guess would be Ni80 from the ramp up speed I experienced from them. There is also a black rubber band with a hole in it which confused me at first, it looked like something you would find in the spare parts section of Halfords. This turned out to be a spare seal for the RDTA where the top cap meets the tank and build deck.

Overall the Genesis RDTA comes in a well presented box with all the spares we have come to expect when buying atomisers.


The Genesis RDTA


So what is the Genesis like? How have Coil Master interpreted the design and how have they executed it? I would like to look at how it vapes first of all, I will return later to the looks and build quality.

Coilmaster Genesis
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Out of the box I built the Genesis RDTA with the Ni80 Coils (I think) that came with it. These came out to .17 Ohms, and I decided, after wicking and filling it, to take a full bore, wide open airflow, toot on it at 70 watts to see what would happen. Now, in my past reviews, I know I may have exaggerated things at times. I have never lied, but I sometimes go for the joke, if possible, to try and keep these reviews a light hearted, enjoyable read. I would like it be known that what I am about to tell you actually happened. The huge rip that I took from the Genesis RDTA made it whistle so loud, my cats panicked and two of them tried to go through the cat flap at the same time……and succeeded. Next doors dog began to bark and their baby started crying, my housemate came into the room and said “What the fuck was that?” I was sat there, looking a bit stunned, wondering if the ringing in my ears would ever stop. It has a very, very loud whistle on it. It was not one of those ‘it wants to whistle, but not quite’ it was a ‘let’s go and referee a football match and vape at the same time’ type of whistle.

I closed the airflow a bit and tried again, this time a bit more lightly. The whistle still felt like it wanted to break free and deafen small children, but more controlled. With the airflow wide open and your ears bleeding, there was no flavour. Huge clouds, but no flavour. As I closed the airflow the lung hit became a bit more restricted, and the flavour improved. But it never felt tight and the flavour was never going to threaten a Kayfun. I only ever used the coils that came with the Genesis RDTA, the reason why I will return to later, but these felt good ok from 45 watts up to about 90 watts when the wicking started to struggle to keep up. It is possible to get a good vape from the Genesis, but the whistle is always there, lurking in the background, ready to pounce on you if the pull you take is too hard.

Coilmaster Genesis RDTA
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The way the Genesis RDTA vapes is very much like a lot of other RDTA’s on the market. It does not move the game forward, but does not let itself down either. It wicks ok, I never got any dry hits until I really started to push it with high wattages and it gave a decent amount of flavour from different types of juice.

I also would like to point out that the build quality is good. It doesn’t feel cheap and nasty, all the threads are smooth and the O-rings have a good tension to them. The resistance of the whistle airflow control is nice and it moves beautifully even if there is no e-liquid lubricating it. Do you ever get the feeling that I am building up to something? There has got to be a ‘But’ somewhere in the future.

There is, I am building up to something, I think another subsection is need to express myself fully on this matter.


Beauty is only skin deep……


Coilmaster Genesis
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I hate the way the Genesis RDTA looks. There, I have said it.

I know, looks are not everything, that I’m just being shallow and only interested in aesthetic appeal. I am also aware that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, if you like this RDTA, buy it. I am very happy for you, don’t let me put you off. But for me, it just does not hit the spot.

So why do I hate the look of it? What is it about the Genesis RDTA that makes me want to pull my eyes out so I cannot see it anymore? For a start, the size of it. It is 25mm in diameter so you have to think about what mods you are going to put it on. Then there is the height. It is nearly three times the height of a Hadaly RDA, or two Goons. I do realise that those are both RDA’s so the comparison is not exactly fair, but think about it for a second, it is bloody tall.

At the top you have the drip tip, do you remember that I said it was a 12mm wide bore drip tip? How big is that? Like a sinkhole, that’s how big. It’s bigger than a Goon sized 810 do don’t be thinking you can use your snazzy aftermarket tips. If you want to replace this your choices are limited to a tyre from a 1973 Mini Cooper.

Below the drip tip you have a load of knurling that does make moving the airflow easier, but adds nothing to the overall look. As you get to the barrel things hit a peak of ugly. On each side you have four holes that are the airflow. You also have lines of spaced, vertical grooves surrounding it that just put me in mind of corrugated iron. Just in case you suffer from short term memory loss the words ‘Coil Master’ are repeated three times around the circumference of the barrel. Below all this is a massive 6ml tank and a vertically grooved base. This makes the whole RDTA tall, bloody huge. The distance from the bottom of the tank to where your coils are is approximately 4cm. That feels like a long way, using the minimum of wick your juice will have to travel 2cm, I am amazed I did not get any dry hits from it.

So it is not my cup of tea, it is not something I would rush out and buy. I would like to reiterate that the vape is ok, nothing amazing, but not a let down. If you can get past the whistle, I am sure you would like it.


The Summary and why this review is a bit on the short side.


I mentioned earlier that I only used the coils that came with the Genesis RDTA. With the other items I have reviewed I always try to use different builds in them, to try and gain a balanced, overall view. The reason I did not with this is that I had problems with the glass on the tank. When I opened the Genesis RDTA for the first time I noticed that the glass on it was cracked. At the time I thought ‘fair enough, these things can happen’ I changed to the spare glass and carried on. After using it for two weeks, at the time I would normally put a different build in it, I noticed a small crack in the new glass. This stopped my use of the Genesis. I want to be fair here, I could be responsible for the new glass cracking. I do not remember knocking it over and I haven’t dropped it at all, but it could have been something I did. The two pieces of glass have cracks in different places so I don’t think it’s a design flaw. I can only review and report what I have though. Dean did offer to send me a replacement (Isn’t he lucky, he got more than one of these things) but by that stage I felt I had used it enough to gain an opinion on how it vaped. I also did not think my view on its looks would improve. It wasn’t like I would walk into the room one morning, see the Genesis RDTA and think “You know, with the way the sunlight is coming into the room and hitting that RDTA, I was wrong, it’s really beautiful.” It was more likely I would walk in and go “OH MY GOD, KIM JUNG-UN HAS LAUNCHED A MISSLE INTO MY FRONT ROO….Oh no, its just the Genesis RDTA.” So I did not consider it necessary to get another one.

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After a bit of searching I found one site in the UK selling these for £22.99, which is good value, if you like how it looks. There are not a lot of places selling it probably because a 6ml tank isn’t exactly TRPR compliant. Coil Master have not made any attempt to include a bung or smaller tank so you are probably going to have to go to a Chinese site to get one. They are also available in black (Looks a bit better, not much, but a bit)

So my review ends there for the Genesis RDTA by Coil Master. I also think I can answer my original question about its name. I don’t think Coil Master we’re referring to the old mesh Gennies or a biblical start. I think they are paying homage to the band Genesis. Why? Well, it looks awful, its too big for what it is and a terrible noise comes out of it. Exactly like the band that is fronted by Mr Collins.


Thanks to Dean for the Genesis RDTA to review. It came free of charge but I like to think that did not influence my view on it.


Peace & Love

Ian Schwar


Editors Note:

Thanks as always to another great review from Ian, I agree on the whole, right up it comes to Mr Collins and Genesis – ABACAB was ace!

This product was sent in free from Coilmaster, and can be found from them here:


  1. It’s a bit too tall for my taste, the worst thing is the name.
    it’s called ‘genesis’ but it isn’t a genesis atomiser, it’s an rdta… the coilmaster marketing department must have had an extensive brain fart on this one! :/

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