So far, this is the list of prizes in the raffle, and this is NOT the final one, there will be at least this lot in there!

First of all, the video is LIVE the WUFFLE HAS BEEN DRAWN!


The winners are….

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  1. C. Earl Spencer
  2. Neil Miller
  3. Niall Smith
  4. Jon Cooke
  5. John Gray




One thing I will have to clarify is that I will need help from the winners for postage costs. I will keep this down as much as possible, and also I am not going to be responsible for any customs/taxes incurred when reaching whichever country you’re in. I will be able to be clearer with that once I’ve weighed the packages.

Obviously you will have to be a subscriber to win.

Ok so let’s get into the guts of what’s there, some are still sealed, some are review items – as I said though, there may be more additions!


Prize A

  • Geekvape Athena Squonk kit
  • Vaporesso Revenger Kit in red
  • Geekvape Aegis in Gold
  • Digiflavor Siren 22 (Original)
  • Zeus RTA
  • Geekvape Medusa RDTA
  • Govad RDA
  • Coilmaster Genesis RDTA
  • Digiflavor Drop
    Govad RTA
  • Coilart Dpro RDA
  • Innokin Riptide kit
  • *addition – A Nudge RDA
  • *addition – An Azeroth Squonk kit
  • *addition – Bombertech Reloader

Prize B

  • Wotofo Nudge Squonker
  • Lostvape Therion DNA75C (Pre-release)
  • Coilmaster RDTA
  • Cthulhu Azathoth RDA
  • Geekvape Aegis
    Geekvape Ammit 25 RTA
  • Geekvape Medusa RDTA
  • Advken Mantra RTA
  • Asmodus Galatek RDA
  • Vandy Vape Mesh Pro RDA
  • Digiflavor Siren RTA
  • Innokin Riptide kit
  • *addition – A Nudge RDA
  • *addition – and Azeroth Squonk Kit
  • *addition – Bombertech Reloader

Prize C

  • Lost vape Paranormal DNA75C
  • Digiflavor Aura RDA
  • Geekvape GBox Squonk kit
  • Stentorian Basilisk mod (Green)
  • Vandy Vape Kensei tank
  • OBS Crius 2 RTA
  • Advken Dominator RTA
  • Geekvape Ammit RTA (Original)
  • Vandy Vape Govad RTA
  • Geekvape Peerless RDA (no squonk pin unless i can find one)
  • Aspire Nautilus 2 tank
  • Asmodus Galatek RDA
  • *addition – A Nudge RDA
  • *addition – a DPRO 133 kit
  • *addition – Bombertech Reloader

Prize D – released once donations exceed £1000

  • Lost Vape Paranormal DNA166
  • Vaporesso Revenger kit
  • Aleader Funky 160 (purple)
  • Advken Artha RDA
  • Digiflavor Drop RDA
  • Digiflavor Pharoah mini RTA
  • Rigmod WW ‘The Tanker’ sub ohm tank
  • Vandy Vape Pyro RDTA
  • Cthulhu MTL RTA
  • *addition – A Nudge RDA
  • *addition – a DPRO 133 kit
  • *addition – Bombertech Reloader

I’ll be throwing in stuff like wick, maybe a vape mat here and there, and other stuff, but I think we’ve got a pretty decent start!

Should the donations exceed £2000 I will add something special from my personal collection and bits and bobs

WE HAVE EXCEEDED £2000! So as promised,

  • The KO from Chris Scott Mods
  • A Nudge RDA
  • CSMNT with squonk kit
  • Goon 1.5




You MUST be of legal vaping/smoking age in your country (I will ask for proof)

You MUST be a subscriber

You MUST be aware that you are liable for any import/tax duties your country may impose

As mentioned I may well ask for assistance with postage costs, and will update the website accordingly.

Donation amounts per entry in GREAT BRITISH POUNDS are:

£5 = 1 x entry

£10 = 3 x entries

£20 = 8 x entries

Money to be donated to:

Draw to take place via on the 24th of December 2017 which will be recorded. It will be randomised 3 times and the winners will be the top entries on number 3.

Cause info:

The Save and Care fundraising FB group:

and the Save and Care Adoption page:

Guide Dogs for the Blind:


You lovely people never let me down, so while Christmas isn’t the best time to do a raffle, you’ve come through before I have no doubts you’ll do it again!


Video explaining everything will be up soon, but keep an eye on this page for any changes!



The Vaping Biker


  1. Heck even if you don’t win the raffle, you are still a winner by helping a great cause! Good luck

  2. A damn fine set of prizes young fella, I’m sure the 2k figure will be exceeded. And then there’s the reason for this, a very happy charity will benefit.

  3. Last year I did not enter the raffle but Damn this is tempting. The only problem with mecis that I might have somekind of curse on me when it comes to winning stuff on givaways and such. Just bad luck I guess . I am looking forward to your video Dean. Perhaps you can convince me this year

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