There’s SOOO much catching up to do after the Christmas/New Year break!

I’m really pleased the 2016 in review video went down well, it was as exhausting doing it as it was to watch I imagine! I did want to do something a bit different to just ‘my favourites’ to help remind people what had happened – as you know, 2 months in vaping is like a normal year, so it’s easy to forget stuff.

I’m back in hospital at 11am tomorrow, but when I get home I’m aiming to go hard into mod reviews. There’s a bunch to cover that I had in before Christmas, and it’s mainly pretty decent stuff so I’m looking forward to getting the videos done – I’m gong to try and keep them each under 20 mins as well (should we take bets on how massively I fail at that? LOL). We’ve also got a couple of funky atomisers to get to as well!

I’m waiting on hearing back from the animal sanctuary before I can do my Raffle video, there’s one thing I’m getting clarification on but the positive there is, more stuff is going into it!

I wanted to do a vlog from the sanctuary so you could see where your money is going, but unfortunately my health made that impossible.

Once I’ve caught up on the pre Christmas products I’ve been testing I’ll then (hopefully) be able to work on some different content that I’ve been trying to fit in for ages – tutorials, starter stuff, even a little bit of advocacy, and of course my ankylosing spondylitis awareness video. I also hope to have to time to go back to doing some fun intros again.

I do want to say thanks once again to each and every one of you that watches, emails, comments, and follows on social media. I truly do appreciate you all and you’re the reason I continuously try to be better at what I do.


Love & Respect,




  1. Hope everything goes well at the Hospital Cant wait for the next lot of vlogs

  2. you take care for tomorrow and stay safe. And will watch for more updates and reviews

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